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Best of Architecture

Rarely have so many works of contemporary architecture come online in New Orleans in a single year as they did in 2019. The new airport terminal, the great enlargement of Historic New Orleans Collection gallery spaces, the new Children’s Museum and the Pavilion in the greatly expanded New Oreans Museum of Art Besthoff Sculpture Garden are all […]

Behind the Times

Once you flush a toilet you can’t take it back. You better be sure that the goldfish is dead. Or, worse, that you don’t happen to be on the phone with somebody important. Because once you flush, they have a mental image of you sitting there, doing what you been doing this whole time you […]

News From the Kitchen

Laurel Oak The Magnolia Hotel, on Gravier Street, is now home to Laurel Oak, a Southern Brasserie. The restaurant results from a partnership between hotelier Stout Street Hospitality and TAG Restaurant Group, both out of Denver. Local chef Wesley Rabalais heads the kitchen, turning out items like Benton’s ham tartine and roasted redfish with gulf […]

Drinking History

A cocktail that takes its name from a motorcycle part immediately sets itself off as singular. However, the sidecar is anything but, and is, in fact, another style of the New Orleans mid-19th century curated cocktail, Brandy Crusta.  The sidecar itself was first evidenced on the streets of Paris, around Place Vendome and the Paris […]

Coastal Romance

The earth’s bringing forth of flowers, the warmth of the sun on our faces — spring’s an excellent time to consider heading to the beach, getting outdoors in the balmy weather, sinking our toes in the sand and enjoying the Gulf’s seafood bounty. The Gulf Coast also provides perfect romantic opportunities, whether for a couple’s […]

Smokin’ Hot

Not long ago, good Southern barbecue was a rare find in New Orleans. A slice of meat drenched in barbecue sauce was about the closest you could get. Shortly before the turn of the 21st century, a few cooks with Kentucky-Tennessee-North Carolina  backgrounds opened a couple of joints with smoke pouring out of the chimneys […]

March Events

Harlem Globetrotters Everyone’s favorite high-flying basketball team comes to Lakefront Arena on March 8 to delight and dazzle fans with breathtaking hoops and hilarious physical comedy. Information, arena.uno.edu. LPO: The Music of John Williams The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra takes its audience on a journey through the work of master composer John Williams (Star Wars, Raiders […]

Sentimental Journeys

Some relatives once recalled to me their honeymoon in 1945. They were married in central Louisiana shortly after he returned home from the war. During that time, many purchases were limited. An uncle gave her some of his ration stamps so she could buy new shoes for the wedding. For the reception there was homemade […]

Streetcar by Errol Laborde: Lady New Orleans

Imagine that your dad was known as “Jack the Cat.” That would have probably given you a little more standing on the school playgrounds, especially since dad was a radio DJ at a time when record spinners were idolized by the Boomer generation. Having The Cat as a dad should have given you at least […]

BUKU and Hogs

The time for festival season is upon us. This month there are two great spring festivals with the BUKU Music + Art Festival and Hogs For The Cause falling on back-to-back weekends.  Entering its 9th year, BUKU (March 20-21) has fully made the transition from a boutique festival to an integral part of the annual […]

Parenting Tips

Excerpted from Eve Crawford Peyton’s blog, Joie d’Eve,  which appears each Friday on MyNewOrleans.com As a “seasoned” mom, I often get asked for parenting tips – and I have no idea what to say. My daughter Ruby told me last week that there’s a rumor going around her school that I’m a teen mom. She […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot

Dear Julia, I was parking my car in the lot of 2645 Toulouse Street, in front of the SBP building and adjacent to the Broad Theatre. It’s a spot I park in frequently. Today’s rain revealed a white placard in the pavement, which caught my attention. It reads, “BROAD STREET Carnival and Pleasure Club Dec […]

Learning From Being a Mom

Mothering suited Jennifer Williams so well she relayed the skills she learned raising three children into a second career – awarding-winning middle school teacher. Big-time award-winning, in fact. After  15 years using natural nurturing techniques teaching 6th and 8th grade English at John Q. Adams Middle School in Metairie, The Milken Family Foundation chose her […]

Theater of Government

We support the idea of relocating New Orleans’ City Hall to the abandoned Municipal Auditorium. The suggestion has been around for a while, but has recently gotten new push from the support of the Cantrell administration, which has $41 million in FEMA money dedicated to the building’s post-Katrina repair. That makes the discussion serious. New […]

Dream Team

When Amanda and Ryan Berger decided to return to New Orleans and renovate a house where they could raise their family, they called in a dream team of experts: architect Lee Ledbetter of Lee Ledbetter & Associates, interior designer Chad Graci of Graci Interiors and contractor William Wolf of Yazoo Restorations – all of whom […]

The Chris Show

It’s weird: When you live in the midst of a secret, it can be hard to grasp that everybody doesn’t know about it. How many times – perhaps even in this issue of the magazine – have you heard the Gulf Coast hailed as “one of America’s hidden gems” or “our secret playground” or “home […]

Going Greek

It’s not often that a new Greek restaurant opens in New Orleans, let alone one that elevates this cuisine to the level of fine dining. Rockrose, which opened last fall, steps gracefully into this niche. Here at the International House Hotel in the CBD guests will find a thoughtfully built-out space featuring red brick peeking […]

Summer Camps

Camps entail all the best things about school but without all the homework, testing, and stress. Every summer, kids across New Orleans get an opportunity to home in on their particular interests and explore their talents—and the world—in a relaxed learning environment designed to engage and entertain. Now’s the time to start checking out the […]


Home is where the heart is, they say, but by the time summer rolls around, vacation usually draws the heart and mind elsewhere. That’s why it’s important to be home-focused in spring, whether spring cleaning and taking on that much-needed room remodel or planning that morale-boosting community or corporate event before everyone starts heading to […]

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