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New Orleans Magazine May 2005

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Places to go, people to see, things to do

Let’s Dance “Circle Dance,” a 40-year retrospective of the work of local contemporary artist John T. Scott, will feature 187 works in a range of media. The exhibit will run from May 7 through July 10 at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Scott says he draws on African, Caribbean and local traditions for his […]

News for Noses

Symtpoms that are nothing to sniff at If you think allergies are a stuffed-up nose and a tickle in the throat, stop thinking and keep reading. “Ninety percent of people in New Orleans who think they have nasal allergies are wrong. They actually have vasomotor rhinitis, fueled by sensitivity to changes in temperature, humidity or […]

Extra Pounds

A frugal guide to London One organic pineapple-mint juice, one small bottle of water: $12.50. Granted, my friend and I were kicking back in Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden in London. Not a low-rent district by any stretch. Even so, 6.50 pounds for two nonalcoholic drinks that, metrically speaking, couldn’t weigh more than a milligram? […]

Home Cooking

10 classic New Orleans dishes Unbeknownst to the average tourist dining at restaurants such as the Bon Ton Café or Galatoire’s, bread pudding was not the invention of a chef or any other person with a culinary background. Nor was shrimp Creole or redfish courtbouillon – or many other classic dishes on menus of fashionable […]

Carry Me Home

John Boutté, a voice of Treme Singers spend their lives searching for songs, lyrics to wrap the voice around, rhythms that lend to inventive cadences in the phrasing. John Boutté is a voice of Treme, sung large upon the world. From that ancient neighborhood, scarred by poverty, crime and housing demolitions, a musical pulse has […]

Tour Time

A wetlands tour with a differrence, just mind the gators People flock to south Louisiana swamp tours for the experience of puttering down a lazy blackwater bayou banked with moss-draped cypress trees, a paunchy guy spouting patter and bad jokes in a Cajun accent, and sufficient alligators lurking about to offer a thrill. Evergreen Swamp […]


Two men, one black and wearing a baseball cap, the other white and covered with sores from what must have been a rough night before, sit side by side on the Moonwalk. Both are seated on their own inverted bread crates. The former has an overturned plastic barrel at his knees and clutches a pair […]

The Activist and the Chief

Crime-fighters John Casbon and Eddie Compass are out to take down crime statistics – and the police residency law too. Five books lined up behind his office desk tell the tale of Police Foundation Chairman John Casbon: The State of the Blues; The New Orleans Police Department 1995-1999; The American Heritage History of Flight; The […]

Bridal Resources

Catering Fortissimo Bistro – 504.899.5313 Martin Wine Cellar – 504.899.7411, 504.896.7300   Children’s Wedding Apparel Auraluz Children’s Store – 504.888.3311 Mignon for Children – 504.891.2374 Pippen Lane – 504.269.0106 Framing Lakeview Gallery & Framing – 504.482.2606, 504.464.1444 Gifts Auraluz Linens & Gifts – 504.888.3313 Bella Noche – 504.891.6483 Judy at the Rink – 504.891.7018 Ladybug […]

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