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Our Top Picks for May 2013

Where You Need To Be This Month

Dreams and Dresses

When the sonographer first told me I was having a second daughter, I had a brief moment of … not disappointment, exactly, because I was so happy about everything else the baby had – a four-chambered heart! a brain! the requisite amount of fingers and toes! – so I couldn’t be disappointed. But I think I […]

What I Learned from Mom

Notable New Orleans chefs share what their mothers taught them in the kitchen and beyond.

The One and Only Leah Chase

For this year's New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, the chef and restaurateur is the winner of the Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award.

Food for Taught

Locals Share Their Favorites from Mom’s Kitchen

A Night at the Orleans Parish Prison

Several years ago I was asked by a friend, who was a social worker, to teach a one-evening class in Orleans Parish Prison. I will admit to being apprehensive, but she assured me that everything would be safe, so I somewhat reluctantly agreed. I remember the maze along the way as I was escorted to […]

Finding the Need For Speed at the Exotic Driving Experience

The one thing not to do when you’re about to drive cars worth about $300,000 at speeds upward of 100 miles per hour is to have a conversation about the cars you’ve crashed previously. That might be why we were a little trepidatious when we arrived at NOLA Motorsports Park to try out the Exotic […]

Cocktail Recipe: Cajun-American Meets Creole

Thibodaux is a bustling town comprised mostly of farmers, trappers, fishermen, petrochemical workers and college professors. Its roots are squarely Cajun. Rice and sugarcane are agriculture mainstays, and because this is Louisiana, sooner or later someone had to have the idea of distilling those crops. Donner-Peltier Distilling in Thibodaux is newly built, licensed, running and […]

Restaurant Updates: From the Circle to the Lake

Chef Chris Lynch came to my attention when Meson 923 opened a while back. He was in charge of an ambitious kitchen at the now-closed Warehouse District spot, and I thought it was odd when he turned up at a 24-hour diner in the French Quarter after leaving Meson. I am sorry I never made […]

Two New Orleans Restaurants Offer New Ideas

An emphasis on smaller plates and the continuing craft cocktail renaissance are two calling cards for a pair of new places around town, with serendipity having played a role in the establishment of them both. Chef and owner Ian Schnoebelen and his wife Laurie Casebonne (both of Iris) recently opened Mariza in the ground floor […]

A Touch of Provence in Metairie

Gina and Joseph Piacun’s Metairie home is inspired by southern France.

In Search of Mother Rue

This being the month of Mother’s Day, I was wondering about the word “mother” as used in popular culture. Of all the uses, the restaurant by that name may be the most popular. Mother’s on Poydras Street has been serving up poor boys and local comfort food since 1936. On the West Bank, Momma Mosca […]

Stiletto Stories

At Celibacy Academy, we were required to wear saddle oxfords. Not just any saddle oxfords, but special extra-clunky saddle oxfords, specifically designed by the nuns to repel the opposite sex. We couldn’t wait to flounce around in sky-high heels as soon as we got released – I mean, graduated. It didn’t matter that the high […]

Ancestors in the Infield

Keeping History Alive at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Special Nights With the New Orleans Zephyrs

Making an evening of it at the ballpark

Streetcars Heading Downriver

New Orleanians may still be getting used to the idea of a new streetcar line along Loyola Avenue. But the wheels are already turning on the next expansion of the streetcar system, the North Rampart/St. Claude Avenue streetcar line, which will carry passengers from the CBD along the edge of the French Quarter and the […]

Deep Thinkers at Bard College

The school’s early college program provides a new way to learn.

Health Beat

Recently, Ochsner Medical Center’s fetal surgery team of 18 physicians and nurses, operated on a 23-week-old fetus that was still in utero and was diagnosed with Myelomeningocele (MMC), one of the most serious forms of spina bifida that affects approximately one in every 1,000 babies born in the United States every year. It occurs when the […]

Louisiana Tunes in Library of Congress

Peek into the collection of an avid Louisiana music lover and you may find the country hit and official state song “You Are My Sunshine” sharing space with the Mardi Gras Indian anthem album Wild Tchoupitoulas. Now these two classic, if very different, examples of the Louisiana musical tradition are keeping company in the country’s […]

Retail is ‘Hot as a Pistol’ in New Orleans

The Crescent City is in a shopping frenzy as new stores move in.

An Intimate Gallery for a Unique Collection

The French Quarter offers many ways to explore the history and culture of Louisiana, including guided tours and fine meals. Recently however, a new exhibit space has been quietly showcasing that story through a one-of-a-kind art collection. The Laura Simon Nelson Galleries for Louisiana Art is part of the Historic New Orleans Collection, the long-serving […]

Julia Street with the Poydras Parrot

The Pursuit to Answer Eternal Question

Rivera and O’Reilly: Outfoxing the Facts

While we cherish the right of all Americans to experience freedom of the press and freedom of speech, we nevertheless wince when nitwits such as Geraldo Rivera are given a national forum to pass judgment on New Orleans. Rivera caused a stir last month when, on Fox Network’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” he described New Orleans […]

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