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Accepting My Age

Excerpted from Eve Crawford Peyton’s blog, Joie d’Eve,  which appears each Friday on MyNewOrleans.com It goes so fast. Everyone says it, typically folded in with some “cherish every moment” drivel that I never feel like listening to because “every moment” includes the times I’m chiseling dried puke out of the crevasses of the car seat […]

May Days

May is always an outstanding month for music in New Orleans. This year it opens with the quite epic second weekend of Jazz Fest and closes with local appearances from some unbelievable performers—with stops along the way for the Bayou Booglaoo and Hangout Fest just down the shore. There are some legitimate musical legends in […]

Jazz Fest at Fifty

Mick Jagger’s illness that forestalled the Rolling Stones’ tour, and thus their big gig at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, came as a letdown for fans, notably baby-boomers, holding $175 tickets. But, in the scheme of time, the loss will fade like a yellowed husk at the edges of the cornucopia of music […]

Bright Start to the Day

Choosing a restaurant in the French Quarter can be tricky – there are all too many places geared to the tourist trade that overcharge and underdeliver. Give thanks, therefore, for French Toast – the latest outpost in a mini-chain of breakfast eateries across the city offering creative and compelling compositions at reasonable prices.    Owner […]

A Woman’s Story

Lindy Boggs liked to tell the story about when she was growing up in the Pointe Coupee town of New Roads. She was raised primarily by aunts and went to school at a nearby convent. In this, our women’s issue, her story is worth remembering because it was at the convent, she recalled, that she […]


Bryan Adams If you’re a fan of 80s and 90s pop music, you will want to stop by Champions Square on May 9 to see Bryan Adams in concert. Adams became internationally famous for his #1 hit songs “Heaven” and “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”. Information, Champions-Square.com The Henchman: A Shakespeare Story The […]

Success Along the Sideline

Fox Sports Journalist Jen Hale brings her upbeat personality, professional tenacity and can-do attitude to all of her endeavors in life, especially reporting from the NFL and NBA sidelines. Most recently, Hale added women’s health advocate to her growing list of challenges, after a life-altering diagnosis of cardomyopathy required her to make some big changes, […]

Where The Lions Sleep Tonight

We welcome four new residents to the city this month; Arnold, who arrived from Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon, and three sisters, Nia, Kali and Zuri, who came from the Peoria Zoo in Illinois. What sets the four apart from the rest of the population is that they are all lions, the newest residents, and […]

Top Female Achievers

Ashley Longshore—Artist A self-taught artist from Montgomery, Alabama, Ashley Longshore is just as colorful and larger-than-life as her creations, which include a painting of Jesus hovering over an Oompah Loompah, Ruth Bader Ginsburg backed by an array of hands giving the finger, and a wide variety of whimsical and glamorous iterations of Audrey Hepburn in […]

Streetcar: The Shrimp Boats of Bucktown

Shrimp boats once docked in the small canal that lined the area best known as Bucktown. It was a picturesque little neighborhood off Hammond Highway along the border of Orleans and Jefferson parishes. There was a restaurant, Sid-Mar’s, a view of the sunset over the lake, a bridge from which boys in cut-off jeans still […]

Ashley Porter’s Artisanal Living

Ashley Porter has a love for both design and for New Orleans. It’s only natural that the two come together in her work and her home. The former, her eponymous jewelry line, Porter Lyons, (the family name Lyons is Porter’s middle name), with each collection draws on some element of the city. The latter, her […]

Drinking Smart

Usually, drinking adult beverages does not equate with being intellectual, unless one immerses the mind in the literary tradition of New Orleans’ French Quarter. It is in this neighborhood that Williams, Rice, Twain, Toole, Faulkner, Hemingway, Welty, Keyes, Cable, Millay, and Maugham, among many others, were either in residence or were touched by the steady […]

Speaker of His House

The white board in Adam Kohler’s 10th grade classroom at KIPP Booker T. Washington charter school popped in colors of blue and red, with words such as “left-wing” and “right-wing” scrawled across it. Donkeys and elephants, liberals and conservatives, and even Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke’s name made an appearance. The political science unit fit […]

News From the Kitchen

Costera Restaurant and Bar Costera Restaurant and Bar has opened in the space that for many years was occupied by La Thai. Chef Brian Burns’ menu is “coastal Spanish,” and it’s extensive. Both Burns and Reno De Ranieri, who oversees the operation, are alumni of the Link Restaurant Group, which is an indication they know […]

Mom’s the Word

It’s often said that being a mother is the most difficult job in the world. Moms power through the day after a sleepless night, and act as a disciplinarian – but also a friend.  Even after her child becomes an adult, a mom continues to worry, console her offspring, and – whether you like it […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot

Dear Julia, I found this 1906 photograph at the Library of Congress. It is identified as “Visiting the Torpedo Boats, New Orleans, La.” yet there is no further explanation. Do you know anything more specific about these warships and why they were visiting the Crescent City? John Jamerson (New Orleans) The torpedo boats USS Porter […]

Ode to Ellen

The theme for this issue of the magazine is women. As I was wrestling with how to approach this topic, my significant other induced some clarity by asking me a simple question: What woman had the most impact on your life? Right. I got this, I realized. So I’d like to introduce you to my […]

Things to Remember

Actual conversation between me and my sister-in-law Larva: Me: “I saw that TV star — you know the guy? He practically lives here? —shopping? on Royal Street.” Larva: “Which guy?” Me: “You know! With that New Orleans show.” Larva: “Oh, whatshisname?” Me: “Right, him. He used to be in that other show.” I jump up […]

Off the Tray

Sometimes I think appetizers are the hardest recipes to come up with. We attach ourselves to a few winners, but soon enough they become overdone and boring. It took the seven-layer dip about 20 years to move off the popularity charts if, in fact, it ever did, and who knows when the hot dogs in […]

Women’s Health

May is Women’s Health month and the perfect time to celebrate the women in your life—especially mothers on Mother’s Day. As summer kicks off with its slower pace, May is an ideal time to check up on all things health related. Is there a check-up or screening you’ve been putting off? A fitness class or […]

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