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Top Female Achievers 2023

In a city full of gifted, hard-working, smart women, it says a lot that these women stand out from the crowd. Although they have very different missions, the common thread shared by these top achievers is doing the work, building consensus and believing in themselves along the way. Overnight success? That’s not a thing. It’s […]

Editor Note’s

Summer is approaching quickly and festival season is in full swing. Spring cleaning has begun, or is complete, and so now is time to celebrate. And we have lots to celebrate! Each May, we pay tribute to some of the women that are working every day to make the New Orleans community a better place […]

Make Over

Spring is the time for renewal and rejeuvenation. It’s never too late to incorporate new ideas and healthy practices to your routine. From small everyday changes to big lifestyle shifts, finding ways to boost your confidence or creating a skincare routine, making just one or two changes can lead to big results in your overall […]

Zest for Life

Justin Clark, bar director for Lengua Madre, credits his kitchen as a source of inspiration. “Traditionally those roles are very segmented, but here we are literally next to each other.” As the kitchen cooks, Justin thinks, “What are you going to do with that? Can I drink it?” Thrifty kitchens extract every ounce of flavor […]

Cruise Control

Cruising has rebounded in a big way since the pandemic started. This year, for instance, Disney celebrates 25 years of its fleet on the seas and debuts Disney Treasure, its largest ship to date, one of 14 new ships scheduled to make maiden voyages this year. For New Orleans residents, cruising remains a quick drive […]

Plight of the Pythians

Standing at the corner of Loyola and Gravier streets, the building is now inconspicuous having been there for so long. But the structure once had its day when the skyline was less crowded. It would be singled out as a unique example of architecture, not only for its design but for its social history, and, […]

Bronze Medal

It was 1980 and I had yet to make it out of middle school when the late, beloved Chef Paul Prudhomme immortalized Blackened Redfish at his recently opened K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen. He had been experimenting with a method of coating seafood with a variety of Cajun herbs and spices to mimic those found on the […]

Jensen Killen and Katie Logan Leblanc

As the pendulum swings back from the popularity of modernism that held sway in the interior design world during the first several decades of the new millennium, there’s been a return to more traditional interiors — albeit with a fresh twist — and renewed interest in wallpapers. Not since the 1980s have wallpapers graced so many […]

Letter of the Law

My mother-in-law has this set of rules. These got nothing to do with the Ten Commandments or Wearing White after Labor Day or nothing like that. This is The World According to Ms. Larda. Every now and then she adds a new one. We call them Ms. Larda’s Laws: 1. Never wear underpants you caught […]

Mystery Markers

Dear Julia and Poydras, When I was young, in the early 60’s, I recall some sort of markers in the lake. [You] could see them from the seawall. I don’t think they were buoys or were floating. They were pretty big. I’ve wondered what exactly they were. They are no longer there, and I don’t […]

Navigating the Seasons

This month marks two years without my mom. I know, because I was friends with all of the theatre nerds in the late ’90s, when “Rent” came out, how many minutes are in a year: 525,600. It’s from the song “Seasons of Love,” which every single one of my friends had memorized and would start […]


This grand Victorian era house that once sat out over Lake Pontchartrain at West End in New Orleans was not some grand fishing camp or restaurant. It was the Southern Yacht Club’s first of four clubhouses. Perhaps not known to many, the Southern Yacht Club has been an important social fixture in New Orleans for […]

News+Notes: May

Pickleball in City Park Pickleball has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years as a sport that provides valuable exercise but is less demanding on people with limited mobility (think of a variation on tennis on a much smaller court). On March 24, the City Park Tennis Center joined in the fun and its own […]

Sunny Side Up

If you happen to wander into Molly’s Rise and Shine on Magazine Street for a hearty breakfast on a whim, you might think for a second you’ve stumbled into a crazy wormhole of pop culture nostalgia. You’ll find walls festooned with memorabilia from the Gen X and Millennial childhood sweet spot, your breakfast sandwich gazed […]

Happy Campers

Just belt it girlfriend! The Annemarie ribbed suit in a flattering cut by Solid & Stripe is the ultimate for chillin’ out, maxin’ and relaxin’ on the dock with your buddies. Toss me a cold one Becky! Available at Elle Boutique, shopelle.com.  One word: Tretorns. Talk about a blast from the past. The Rawlin’s 2.0 […]

Meagen Moreland-Taliancich

Though having a tumultuous history, rum distilling in Louisiana has been a practiced for centuries, with the area’s climate perfect for growing sugar cane. In the last decade or so, the distilling practice has gained momentum with local distilleries opening and producing rum around New Orleans. In February 2020, Meagen Moreland-Taliancich, along with her husband […]

Spring Sips

Chef Donald Link and lead bartender James O’Donnell of Chemin à la Mer at the Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans have released a new cocktail menu inspired by “Paris in the Springtime.” For inspiration, O’Donnell perused several prohibition-era French cocktail books to learn more about 1920’s-era drinking styles and techniques. His recipes include La Fleur […]

Sunday Dinner

Jewel of the South is now open throughout the day and into dinner service for Sunday Roast. This English tradition is about relaxing and taking time to thoroughly enjoy a meal with family or friends. While the menu will change, opening dishes included hamachi tartare, asparagus and egg salad on toast, roast beef with Yorkshire […]

Faces of New Orleans

In our annual Faces of New Orleans feature we celebrate some of the top movers and shakers in their professional fields.

Travel Destinations

With an approaching holiday weekend, everyone’s getting the itch to travel. Fortunately, New Orleans has a variety of destinations within driving distance that offer unique experiences and an easy escape from stressful routines. From family-friendly fun to romantic getaways or a weekend with your pals, activities and atmospheres exist for all types of travelers here […]

L. Lee Hamm, MD

L. Lee Hamm, MD Senior Vice President and Dean School of Medicine at Tulane University TulaneDoctors.com With 2023 marking the 10th anniversary of L. Lee Hamm, MD’s tenure as Sr. VP and Dean, School of Medicine at Tulane University, it is an ideal time to connect with the internationally respected clinician and leader. Hamm first […]


Just as firing on all cylinders enables peak performance from an engine, firing on all cylinders of the body and mind enables peak performance in life. Being better in our professional and personal lives begins with good health. Take some time this month to consider your wellness—by staying up to date with preventative care and […]

Nirvana Indian Cuisine

As much a part of the New Orleans dining scene as establishments featuring oysters or gumbo, Nirvana and Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine have a 40-year history of providing New Orleans residents and guests with authentic, flavor-rich Indian favorites that have garnered decades of awards. “What inspires us about New Orleans is the close-knit, collaborative attitude […]

New Orleans Dining Guide

As Winter flavors come to the forefront of menus around the city, consider these restaurants as top contenders.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Find something special for the moms in your life!

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