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New Orleans Magazine November 2004

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Ultimate New Orleans

In one way only, “ultimate” is like pornography. It is difficult to define, but you know it when you see it. We asked our readers to tell us what they saw as the ultimate in a variety of categories by filling out a self-addressed, postage-paid ballot that was inserted in our August and September issues. […]

Night of Ivan

Here’s some of what happened while you were away during Hurricane Ivan. By late Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 14, the day before the hurricane was supposed to hit, the town was already looking empty. Not, however, at Mandina’s on Canal Street, which is crowded on a normal night and especially crowded when it is the only […]

Our Readers’ Favorite Politician – Mayor Ray Nagin

Mayor Ray Nagin came to office in 2002 with no political experience, and that seemed to please voters just fine. From the start of his first campaign, Nagin the telecommunications executive and sports-franchise owner (remember the New Orleans Brass?) promised to use his perspective from the business world to bring change to City Hall. After […]

BEST FRENCH BREAD Leidenheimer Baking Co.

If you want to count carbs, relocate to Los Angeles. Right here in New Orleans, we like to talk between mouthfuls of French bread, Leidenheimer crumbs spilling onto our laps, according to our readers’ choice awards. The local company has been baking bread since the 19th century. Its bailiwick? A crispy crust and airy interior […]


Why hasn’t anyone said it? Chinese is a comfort food. It’s a convivial meal where entrees are shared without ever having to ask, “Can I have a bite?,” and mainstay dishes bring back memories of take-out evenings with Mom and Dad. Flaming po-po platters, egg foo young, wonton soup, and hot-pink umbrellas in Mai Tais […]


The various nightlife scenes of New Orleans – listening to live music, collegiate binge drinking, fine dining, sophisticated bar hopping and soliciting strippers – they all have their own vibes, codes of conduct and stylistic flourishes. In the realm of nightclubs in which you can shake it to a DJ, check out the beautiful people […]


The readers of this magazine have joined forces and decided that WWOZ-FM/90.7 is the best radio station in town – thank goodness. In fact, it would not be much of a stretch to declare ’OZ the best radio station in the world. These are times of media consolidation and rapid deterioration of diversity, and radio […]

MOST ATTRACTIVE New Orleanian, female

Karen Swensen, New Orleans Magazine readers voted you the most attractive New Orleanian, female. Any thoughts? That’s insane! I’m shocked. I’m so flattered. It’s very nice of people. Did you know you had this adoring public out there? (laughing) No! I’m frankly shocked. I’m humbled. There are far more deserving people than I. But that’s […]

New Orleanian of the year: Anthony Amato Orleans Parish Schools Superintendent

For Anthony Amato there was far more good news than bad this year. First, the good: New legislation gives him increased authority over public education. School board members who were hostile to him were voted off the board. He enjoys strong public support as made evident by our readers’ choice of him as the “New […]

In a Curry

New Orleans loves traditions, especially food traditions. November is traditionally a time to talk turkey. So while discussing traditional turkey leftover recipes with fellow food fiend and writer/editor/publisher Kendall Collins Gensler, she mentioned her “tradition” of making day-after-Thanksgiving turkey curry – an interesting and excellent example of a twist on tradition. On mentioning it to […]

Hacking Away

Elizabeth Landry had a cough that wouldn’t stop. She made an appointment to see her doctor. “I have been coughing day and night for 11 days. It just won’t stop. I can’t even sleep,” explained the obviously distressed mother. “It started about the time we evacuated to Baton Rouge for Hurricane Ivan. My husband had […]


Every year millions of people want to get high – so they head to the mountains, clamp on skis and boots, and whoosh down gracefully. At the bottom, they hop the lift and do it again. Then there are those of us who are clumsy yet … intrigued. What do we do? Go to ski […]

Black and White

L.J. Goldstein lives in a shotgun house with high ceilings and spartan furnishings in Treme. The brass band funerals and second-lines that wind through the neighborhood are elemental to his world, far from a comfortable Manhattan upbringing. Goldstein pulled into our Greyhound station in 1993 with a BA from Bard College, his cameras and not […]

November Entertainment

SHOW TOPPERS Nov. 5-21. “Biloxi Blues,” Rivertown Repertory Theater, 468-7221. Chapter two in the Tony Award-winning comedy about playwright Neil Simon’s alter-ego, Eugene Jerome, who is a young Brooklyn army recruit going through boot camp in Biloxi, Miss. Nov. 16-21. “Oliver!,” Saenger Theatre, 522-5555. Broadway in New Orleans presents this classic family musical in Lionel […]

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