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Commentary from New Orleans Magazine’s Errol Laborde

Oscar Isentrout was a puppeteer. Neither Isentrout’s name nor his presence were well-known while he lived, but he gave both voice and character to a figure who became part of the city’s Christmas lore.          Isentrout’s career in New Orleans began on Bourbon Street. His puppet act involved some risque marionettes who actually performed a strip […]

Commentary from New Orleans Magazine’s Errol Laborde

In the week of the fourth Thanksgiving of the city’s recovery, we are well aware of the problems: crime and, in spots, political incompetence. The season, however, calls upon us to count our blessings and as I look back at the past year, there are many, including the following: 6. Return of the Roosevelt Hotel.  This […]

Commentary from New Orleans Magazine’s Errol Laborde

Last’s week’s flare-up between Council Member Stacy Head and Sanitation Director Veronica White brought about quick responses from talking heads trying to sound like peacemakers by saying things to the TV cameras such as "we need to work together" and we must "behave professionally." Sounds good, but "working together" really means the administration doing its […]

Commentary from New Orleans Magazine’s Errol Laborde

Whenever I want to better understand New Orleans politics, I turn my radio to WBOK, 1230 AM. The station is the city’s oldest broadcaster, targeted at the black community. Its current slogan leaves no doubt about its niche, "talking back and talking black."         Throughout the day it offers a mix of talk shows. From what […]

Commentary from New Orleans Magazine’s Errol Laborde

This being the week for electing a new president, here is my list of the Top Ten Presidents who have had the most impact on New Orleans. For the sake of drama I present them in ascending order from ten to one – so no peeking. HONORABLE MENTION. Andrew Jackson. 1829-1837.  "Ole Hickory" makes the […]

You say cranberry, I say sassamanash

Just about the time the early settlers to North America were on the verge of starvation during terrible winters in those first years at Jamestown, the native tribes came to the colonists’ rescue with meat and corn and berries. Cranberries to be exact, or as the Algonquians called them, “sassamanash.” It is safe to say […]

Etc. Editorial

Perfect in PerlisLocal clothing institution Perlis is revamping its image this fall, thanks to owners David G. and Sharon Perlis, and the direction of the son, David W. Perlis. The store, which opened three generations ago under Rogers Perlis, has long been known as the go-to place in town for premium men’s suiting and custom […]

NOLA by the Numbers

11 MillionNumber, from U.S. census, of people living in possible storm surge flood zones. March 1993“Storm of the Century,” also know as the “ ’93 Superstorm,” hits Eastern U.S. 1 TrillionGallons of water precipitated by an average hurricane (per day) 80˚ Minimum ocean temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, required for hurricane formation. 39 mphWind speed at […]

Dining Editorial

Sweet retreat at SucréOn a quest to better understand the art of pastry-making, local restaurateur Joel Dondis traveled to Paris where he found inspiration, and came up with a concept for a new emporium of “artisan” sweets. Today Dondis co-owns the shop Sucré (French for “sugar”) with executive chef Tariq Hanna, who has a reputation […]

Must Love Dogs

Pet owners can have an arf-ully hard time finding a public place to hang out with their furry (feathery/scaly/antlered …) friend. Since the weather has finally returned to an enjoyable autumnal briskness, it’s an apt time to explore spots around New Orleans where pets can relax in good com-paw-ny. There are parks, shops, restaurants and […]

Lawyer Profiles

Building Businesses Virginia BouletAdams and Reese LLPMergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Securities and Banking Virginia Boulet wanted to be a lawyer for as long as she can remember. “I always knew I’d be a lawyer,” she says. “I always saw great lawyers and wanted to be a great lawyer. I wanted to be [To Kill a […]

The Good Life

In my next life I want to come back as someone’s pampered pet: a Prytania Street poodle, a St. Charles Avenue cat or perhaps a lazy Audubon Street turtle. I want someone to feed me, pet me, fuss over me and be thrilled at the sight of me when they come home. As I dream, […]

Pet Issues

If they tell the truth, more than one person will admit that their pets are their best friends. In good times or bad, pets give unconditional love and most of us are so attached to our animals that we’ll think twice about evacuating for a hurricane if we can’t take them with us. If you’re […]

Beasts with a Badge

New Orleans police officer Harold Chambliss has the ideal patrol partner. He never argues. He always lets Chambliss drive. He takes the lead during every hot pursuit, but lets Chambliss soak up the glory if they catch their suspect. All Chambliss’ partner asks for in return is some raw hamburger and a chance to play […]

Made to Order

DIVINE DESIGN  22 K yellow gold, 80 total weight ruby and 4 ct total weight diamond, antique (Circa 1900) mogul necklace from Wellington & Company; Platinum, 3.01 ct cut emerald and 1.70 ct total weight trapezoid, princess and round cut diamond ring; 18 K white gold, 2.04 ct cushion shape ruby, 80 ct total weight […]

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