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New Orleans Magazine November 2015

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Fuss about Feathers

Chickens in the city

Tour de Gumbo

Searching for 15 of the best

Big Hitters

Jewelry Grabs the Attention


600 Listings in 58 Categories

Robin B. Cheatham

Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights/ Insolvency and Reorganization Law Partner, Transactions, Adams and Reese LLP

Lesli D. Harris

Communications Law, Intellectual Property Law Member, Stone Pigman Walther Wittman LLC

Philip deV. Claverie Sr.

Banking and Finance Law Senior Partner, Phelps Dunbar LLP

A Roar for Ron Forman

Winner, NOWFE’s Hospitality Award

Art in Real Time

Arts Council of New Orleans CEO Kim Cook discusses LUNA Fête



Jenny Hamilton

Executive Director, NOBA

When Angels Arrive

Startup financing takes off

Monuments to McDonogh

Does he deserve a better deal?

Controlling Blood Pressure

How low is low enough?


Findings previously published in the Journal of the American Medical Association show new research implying patients who receive the flu vaccine “may protect you not only from the flu, but also from pneumonia.” Those involved in the study collected data from 2,800 patients with pneumonia who were hospitalized January 2010-June ’12. The research found “influenza […]

“The Peace They Deserve …”

Perspectives from the Coroner’s Office

Un artista di New Orleans a Venezia

Tony Green knows how to pick his towns. The artist has apartments in two of the world’s most poetic cities: Venice and New Orleans. In both places he has upstairs apartments in a quaint building in an old part of town. In Venice the neighborhood is what’s still called the Jewish Ghetto; in New Orleans, […]



Pelicans on the Court

This might be the season

Gumbo Rules

Several times a year here at the magazine we’ll receive a query from a New Orleans expatriate trapped out there in the hinterland who wants to do an article about missing this city from afar. This idea has been done so many times that we never go for it, however, before dismissing the note there’s […]

Nueva Orleans Vibrations

John Boutté talking Cuba


COOKBOOK: Besh Big Easy: 101 Home Cooked New Orleans Recipes, is John Besh’s most approachable effort to date. The 101 recipes in the book, Besh’s fourth, are easy to follow, include home cooked meals familiar to Louisiana natives and simple to execute for those new to the cuisine. Uncomplicated, easy to find ingredients are at […]

Hot Choices

Post-Voodoo revelry

Coming to Jesus

When Schooling Has A Prayer

Turkey Well Done

A Dinner to Relish

Gesturing His Demons

Figuring What to DO

Giving Thanks

Bottoms Up For the Season

Traditions With a Twist

Old favorites with new flavors

News From the Kitchens

OCH Market, Trinity and Tsunami

Fresh Starts

Marigny area discoveries

Try This

New Development in Irish Channel BakeryVillageNOLA.com A new residential subdivision is being built on the site of the former Turnbull Bakery facility in the Irish Channel neighborhood of Uptown New Orleans. Owner and developer, Nicole Webre, CEO of Livewell Properties LLC, received unanimous approval from the city to develop 15 single-family houses and residential lots. […]

Raising the Barre

Barre3 classes pack a punch

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