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Last Call: Fun With Zombies

We cannot prove whether Ernest Gantt was born in New Orleans or not, but that is the legend.  What is easier to prove is that this hospitality character became the renowned Donn the Beachcomber, opened an international string of Tiki-style restaurants and invented, after the repeal of Prohibition, a most popular drink, the Zombie. Jeff […]

In Pursuit of Real Barbecue

Memories: in this case, an afternoon as a kid when our family was invited to someone’s backyard for a barbecue. Backyards were a big deal back then, as the suburbs expanded and new houses were built featuring spots of green in the back. A thing to do in the backyard was to have a barbecue, […]

Family Thanksgiving

The Gunches usually have Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law Gloriosa’s, seeing as she has the biggest house. Now, even though she’s a perfectionist and wound pretty tight, Thanksgiving is pretty easy on her. Her house is always clean, so she just has to set the table. Her brothers Lurch and Leech always get there early and […]


The Bloody Mary Festival The Howlin’ Wolf will host The Bloody Mary Festival on November 2 and 3. Aficionados of the classic alcoholic beverage will be able to sample a wide variety of Bloody Marys, as well as local food items. Information, TheBloodyMaryFest.com Dear Evan Hansen From Nov. 5-10, the Saenger hosts “Dear Evan Hansen,” […]

Top Lawyers

  Most people hope not to need them, but when they do, they want the good ones on their side. To help with that we present our annual list of Top Lawyers. The list was prepared by Detroit-based Professional Research Services. PRS provided this explanation of its methodology: The voting was open to all licensed […]

When the Past is Present

Two life-changing moments hit award-winning teacher Christopher Dier at the age of 21. The first struck in a Constitutional law class in his senior year of college. He took the opposing side of a disagreement about arresting Vietnam War draftees for burning draft cards. His classmates argued laws must be followed. He supported the war […]

A Modern Presentation

Many sushi restaurants are cookie-cutter, offering interchangeable lists of the same sushi and sashimi choices. Perhaps they are differentiated by a selection of specialty rolls but, more often than not, one seems much like the other. This is most certainly not the case with Daiwa Sushi. Owned by the husband-and-wife team of Ken Wong and […]

News From the Kitchen

Em Trai Sandwich Co.  Em Trai Sandwich Co. had a very short trip from its initial location inside the St. Roch Market to its new home in the New Orleans Healing Center. The menu includes pho, bao, salads and both poor boys and banh mi sandwiches. Sometimes the lines are blurred, as with the pulled […]

When Music Meets Food

November is rapidly becoming one of the most popular months for festivals and parties that bring together the music and food of New Orleans. Things kick off on the 2nd with the inaugural Abita Fall Fest. This one-day festival will be held at the Abita Springs Trailhead (less than an hour from downtown) and features […]

Pit Perfect

Though largely unheralded outside of their respective neighborhoods, New Orleans has long had a smattering of barbecue restaurants that are respected and sought after for cooking low-and-slow over wood-fueled rigs. “The purveyors and the customers were mostly black and the restaurants were located in black neighborhoods,” said Pete Breen, a Baltimore native and owner and […]

Julia Street with Poydras The Parrot

Dear Julia, Of a recent trip to the Barataria Unit of Jean Lafitte National Park, I saw the biggest grasshopper I’ve seen in my life. My companion said it was called a  Lubber or a Devil’s Horse. If these enormous insects are Lubber Grasshoppers, who or what is a Lubber? J.J. Boudreaux (Metairie) A “lubber” […]


On one weekend last month, the opera Carmen was performed at the Mahalia Jackson Theater; nearby the Broadway roadshow of the musical “Wicked” was making a return engagement to the city. That Sunday, the Saints faced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Superdome—and won. To have a professional opera, a Broadway show and an NFL […]

Streetcar: The Season of ‘99

As season openers went it was promising. The Saints began the 1999 season on the road against the Carolina Panthers. Featuring a squad that carried two Heisman trophy winners: Danny Wuerffel, a quarterback out of the University of Florida, and Ricky Williams, a University of Texas running back who broke so many records during his […]

Kevin Belton

Kevin Belton knows how to cook up a good time in the kitchen. He often appears on WYES (and PBS stations across the country) and on WWLTV morning programs armed with the trinity, a larger than life laugh and sense of humor. This past September, the dapper chef was also featured in the pages of […]

Going Too Fast

Excerpted from Eve Crawford Peyton’s blog, Joie d’Eve,  which appears each Friday on MyNewOrleans.com “I can’t wait till I have my own room,” Ruby said wistfully the other day. Her stepbrother, Elliot, is a senior this year and will be going to college next year. Since she was maybe 8, she has been counting down […]

Struck by the Clock

Stop the presses! I have an idea. A really good one. But wait, I guess it’s too late. There are no presses to stop. The presses are gone, actually. Along with everything else that used to be part of the Times-Picayune building on Howard Avenue. That includes the iconic clock tower that graced – and […]

A Cajun Theme

Sometimes the dressings outweigh the turkey at my family’s Thanksgiving table. There are those, including me, who must have oyster dressing. A simple cornbread dressing pleases those who don’t like oysters, and you might as well count the must-have mirliton casserole as a dressing because bread crumbs are a main ingredient. I also like to […]

Three’s a Charm

“Any first floor in New Orleans post-Katrina should be considered indoor/outdoor space,” said John Gonzalez, wryly referring to one of the guiding principles that influenced the recent renovation of the Broadmoor house he shares with his wife Tricia Weeks. The couples’ first floor flooded when the levees failed after Katrina, and protecting their century-old home […]

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