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25 Best Desserts

Choosing the best of the best in New Orleans food is an almost Herculean task; one that requires discipline, an open palate and some set guidelines. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it. In an effort to bring some kind of order to the task of determining which among New Orleans’ thousands of […]

Legal Matters

As much as we rely on the legal system to guide, shape and govern our lives, it’s not often we afford legal conflicts much thought until we’re faced with them. But in situations that require the intervention of an attorney, knowing where to turn and who to call can become the biggest determinant in how […]

2020 Top Lawyers

Most people hope not to need them, but when they do, they want the good ones on their side. To help with that we present our annual list of Top Lawyers. The list was prepared by Detroit-based Professional Research Services. PRS provided this explanation of its methodology: The voting was open to all licensed attorneys […]

From the Editor

November is a time of giving thanks, and this month we give thanks for the sweeter side of life, both inside the kitchen and dining room and out about town. Celebrity chef Gail Simmons once said, “There is no better way to bring people together than with desserts.” We couldn’t agree more. From New Orleans […]

The Dish: Noodles, Please!

Jeff Gapultos and Chef Nhat “Nate” Nguyen came up with the idea for Union Ramen Bar after a night out on the town. While they planned to open in the Lower Garden District on Apr. 4 (National Ramen Day), they delayed until July 8 due to the pandemic. The interior, designed by Gapultos, his wife […]

Bar Tab: Happy Hour

Beloved local restaurant Sylvain—part of LeBLANC + SMITH’s collection of restaurants—has launched a new Happy Hour just in time for fall. Taking place Wednesday through Sunday from 4-6 p.m., it features a group of Lucky 7 cocktails (all are $7) served with a lagniappe of chili roasted almonds. Choose from drinks like the Sazerac, Moscow […]

Behind the Mask

The best part about this November is that I didn’t hear a single Christmas Carol in a store in October. I suppose that’s probably because I didn’t go to any stores in October. But still, it’s the little things that make you smile in times like these. No trick-or-treaters meant I saved $40 in candy. […]

Persona: Abraham Felix

For 31 years, the New Orleans Film Festival has highlighted the Big Easy’s mark on the film industry and the local creators that are making a difference in the field. This year, southeast Louisiana native and current New Orleans resident Abraham Felix is set to debut two short films at the 2020 festival. Like many […]

Kit and Caboodle

Well, this was all I needed — a Cat One moving in. Now, I ain’t talking ‘bout the weather. This Cat One is a cat. One cat. At first. I got to explain. My gentleman friend Lust is manly enough, being the owner of The Sloth Lounge, the kind of bar that don’t stick little […]

Vintage: 1913

“Two of the very youngest newsboys I could find in New Orleans. Seven and nine years old. Such little fellows are rare, Nov. 1913. Lewis Hine.” So read the caption that accompanied this image taken by the famed Wisconsin-born photographer and social reformer Lewis Hine. Little did these little boys know that they were part […]

Travel: Park Place

With its endless strip shopping centers, freeways and urban sprawl, Houston may appear to most as just another concrete jungle. What may surprise many is that the nation’s fourth largest city is home to 580 parks, including two of the country’s expansive urban parks, Cullen Park and George Bush Park. In fact, the Space City […]

Living in the Future

I’ve worked in the magazine world for quite a while now, and I know you’ve got to plan several months out. I always found it slightly jarring to be working on a Christmas issue while everyone in the real world was planning Halloween costumes or staging a pink-and-red Valentine’s Day cover while the world around […]

Home Advice: Susan Zackin

Holiday entertaining is sure to look a little different this year. Large events have been curtailed and small-scale, personalized gatherings have become the order of the day. Whether working with an event planner or handling the details yourself, Susan Zackin, owner of Z Event Company, offers the following guidelines for honoring holiday traditions while social […]

Table Talk: Food Flip

At the start of 2020, Mawi Tortillas was a company on the move. A successful family enterprise spearheaded by chef Will Avelar, Mawi’s focus was purveying fragrant corn tortillas served in an impressive collection of New Orleans restaurants. In January they were preparing to level up from their initial Metairie location to a larger production […]

Nosh: Bowled Over

Everyone needs an impressive soup under your belt, and nothing says “I’m about to impress the hell out of my guests” better than a good bisque. In some cities they call it “chowder,” but in New Orleans, when we make a super-rich and creamy, full of flavor, thick soup, we call it “bisque”. It can […]

Cheers: Sugar and Spice

Andrea Heming’s “The Other Redhead,” a riff on the classic Manhattan, was created when she worked with redhead Kimberly Patton Bragg. Customers would ask if she was Kim and she’d say “No, I’m the other redhead.” The drink is a great fall warmer and easy to put together. When COVID-19 disrupted the service industry, Heming […]

Streetcar: Best of the Bunch

Not much good can be said about 2020, but I will concede this, it was a good year for bananas, especially those grown in the backyard, maybe too good. When we first bought the house, I knew there was a banana tree in the back. What I did not know, until after Katrina blew down […]

Greg Stock, CEO — Thought Leader of the Month

602 N. Acadia Road, Thibodaux Thibodaux.com  Greg Stock is about innovation – as the CEO of Thibodaux Regional Health System, Greg keeps an open mind and open eyes. From constantly seeking new learning opportunities and envisioning a better future to observing the successes and challenges of others, Greg understands that fostering growth through innovation is […]

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Joint pain and back pain are common problems for people, especially older adults or those who’ve been hard on their bodies at work or in athletics. Finding a solution to pain can be a difficult journey to begin, but when pain starts affecting your life, an expert should be sought. Orthopaedic Medicine is one specialty […]

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