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News + Notes November 2021

32nd Annual New Orleans Film Festival While many fall festivals have been sadly canceled, the New Orleans Film Festival plans to return in 2021 with a hybrid format. In-person events will be held Nov. 5-14 and virtual screenings will take place Nov. 5-21.  This year’s centerpiece and spotlight films have not been announced yet, but […]

From the Editor

When an out-of-town friend comes to visit and asks us where they should go out to eat, it elicits a long, often complicated answer requiring many follow-up questions of our own. What kind of dining experience are you in the mood for? What neighborhood do you want to go out in? Are you looking for […]

Holiday Heartache

It’s Thanksgiving season, the season of reflecting on one’s many blessings, but it seems hard, sometimes, these days to find things to be grateful for. I know that’s just my mindset, which is admittedly pretty bleak lately, and not reality, but it’s hard to shake it.  I know I am blessed to have a home, […]

Pumpkin Smash

You might think a craft bartender would be dismissive of trendy flavors, but Jewel Of The South’s Chris Hannah says “Embrace the pumpkin spice!“  He does that in the Stingy Jack Smash, named for the Scottish bar patron who gave the Jack-o-lantern its name.  It features pumpkin butter, which Chris says “gives heft to a […]

Oyster Celebration

  Cook With Us! Join Jyl in the kitchen Nov. 16 for a cook-along with tips, tricks and more. Instagram Live @NewOrleansMagazine   In early March 2020 when I checked in to Commander’s Palace for brunch only to discover the Oyster and Absinthe Dome absent from the menu, I was compelled to call Chef Tory […]


During the Great Depression of the 1930s, Woody Guthrie sang their songs, John Steinbeck told their stories and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal photographers showed us their faces. When the American economy collapsed and factories shut their doors, millions of Americans hit the roads and railroad boxcars, looking for work. Starvation and displacement was […]

Light Bright

Three full-time employees work year-round to create the Magic Christmas in Lights at Bellingrath Gardens and Home outside Mobile. Around Labor Day, the massive installation of 3 million lights and 1,100 set pieces begins and doesn’t pause until Nov. 19, when Bellingrath debuts its 2021 themed set design, a well-kept secret until that night. “The […]

Laurie Martin

An attractive front door is perhaps the most important way that a house makes a good first impression. “The front door is the first welcome a guest receives, it sets the tone for the house and expresses the personal style of the homeowner,” said Laurie Martin, who started Doors of Elegance with her mother 35 […]

Dale and Grace

This will be the 58th November since Dale Houston and Grace Broussard stood outside the Dallas hotel where they and their group were staying. They were waiting for a motorcade to zoom by.   Grace was a native of Prairieville, Louisiana. Houston was born in Mississippi but spent a lot of time in Louisiana. Both […]

Best Sushi

  As is the case with most things Japanese, traditional Japanese sushi is subtle: The flavors are reliant on rice and the quality of fish. It is simple, straightforward, and balanced with rare experiments. Though some local sushi chefs are offering single pieces of one type of fish over seasoned rice as part of a […]

A Just Cause

For the uninitiated, stepping into a court room with its strict mores and peculiar lexicon can be a very intimidating environment for the average person, much less for those with limited funds and a pressing need. While legal representation for criminal defendants is constitutionally guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment, there is no right to counsel […]

Kelsey Scult

I can remember first hearing the phrase “Keep Austin Weird” and thinking there is no way whoever came up with that slogan has ever visited New Orleans. Our Texas neighbor may have some quirky elements, but since the city’s official inception in 1718, New Orleans has truly embraced the “weird,” welcoming artists, musicians, writers, dreamers and […]

Secret Menu

The Saenger Theater reopens this month with an incredible lineup of Broadway in New Orleans shows, and Palm & Pine is offering a Secret Sweet & Cocktail Pairing menu to celebrate. Available only to customers with a ticket stub from that evening’s Broadway Show at the Saenger, the special menu is offered post-show in addition […]

Holiday Shimmer

With the slightest sheen, the Alana Midi dress by Akira Naka, has a pintuck neckline, a line skirt and stunning architectural silhouette. These fabulous Marni sandals in goatskin and leather feature a gold knotted front, clear sculpted heel, red and black leopard insole and certainly bring the party. Available at Pilot and Powell, pilotandpowell.com A […]

Spice Trade

New Orleans’s culinary richness is rooted in its cross-cultural pollination. The city’s long colonial history and its strategic value as a port of entry assured a steady flow of goods, services and international influence over time. When we sit down to eat here, the product on the end of the fork is more than a […]

Farm to Cocktail

Most of the produce at The Bower comes from Sugar Roots Farm, a non-profit regenerative farm that promotes healthy food access, sustainable farm education and an alternative model to industrial agriculture. Those same seasonal ingredients influence the restaurant’s cocktail menu as well. Hibiscus flowers, popular in the fall at Sugar Roots Farm, have inspired the […]

Giving Thanks

Most Thanksgivings, I am worrying about who in the family is vegetarian this year and who is doing keto and who is on the meat-only caveman diet – stuff like that. This year, I am giving thanks.  Things I personally am thankful for: 1. Hurricane season is almost over. (If we do get a hurricane […]

Charity’s Harbor

Dear Julia, I worked at Charity Hospital starting as a volunteer at age 13 in 1952 until age 17 (I even earned a 1,000 hour volunteer pin.)  After that, during my summers as a student at Tulane University, I worked in the clinics as “summer help” and rotated through all of the clinics wherever extra […]

Top Lawyers 2021

  Most people hope not to need them, but when they do, they want the good ones on their side. To help with that we present our annual list of Top Lawyers. The list was prepared by Detroit-based Professional Research Services. PRS provided this explanation of its methodology: The voting was open to all licensed […]

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