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Sold Out, Benefit Screening

FEATURING, IN PERSON, HARRY SHEARER, JENNIFER COOLIDGE, CHRISTOPHER MOYNIHAN, MICHAEL HITCHCOCKAND SPECIAL GUESTSScreening at 7 p.m. with an introduction by Harry Shearer.Post-screening Q&A followed by a cocktail reception.DATE: Thursday, November 30PLACE: the Landmark Theater at Canal PlacePRICE: $50/person Limited seating. CONTACT: Kristi 830-7264 BENEFITING THE TIPITINA’S FOUNDATION A RED CARPET SPECIAL PRESENTATION OF FOR YOUR […]

Second Line for the March of Dimes – Special Promotional Section

March of Dimes Signature Chef Gala Slated for November The New Orleans social scene is coming back to life, and any one who doubts it needs only to reserve seats for the annual March of Dimes Gala, to be held November 19 at the Marriott New Orleans Convention Center. With New Orleans Magazine as the […]


This jockey has been waiting so long for racing to resume at the Fair Grounds, he’s gotten a little stiff. Before “You Know What,” things were looking good for the racecourse. Churchill Downs, the most prestigious track operator in the country, had bought the Fair Grounds and had big plans to upgrade the facility. Instead, […]


War Conference Lands at New Orleans Museumby: Ian McNulty The most destructive event in New Orleans history delayed, but has not derailed, a new conference commemorating the most destructive war in world history. This month, the National World War II Museum (formerly known as the National D-Day Museum) will host the International Conference on World […]


Last August, just before the hasty departure to avoid Katrina, on our to-do list was to write the editorial for this magazine’s October 2005 issue. The subject was to be the New Orleans Hornets, who were preparing to begin their fourth season in New Orleans. To date, the Hornets brief time here had been bumpy. […]


THE SETTINGElaborate original moldings top the living and dining room walls and frame the arch that defines the spaces, while the sisal rug gives a modern touch to the elegantly furnished rooms. The Garden District has been considered one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in New Orleans for centuries. Today, the quiet setting still […]


Crises and decades pass and our lore still hasn’t drifted too far from Evangeline and Huey Long, especially from the day that the two entwined. Long’s 1928 gubernatorial campaign speech, delivered beneath the spread of the Evangeline Oak in St. Martinville, still stands out, to me, as the best Louisiana political speech ever. A year […]


People are not the only creatures who love the nightlife. “We’re sitting on the scene of the crime. I like to sleep on my couch,” says Sarah Clark, a soft-spoken thirty-something-year-old executive assistant. Patients usually give me permission to use their real names, but not Clark. Sarah Clark is the alias chosen because she doesn’t […]

BIZ: Mapping the Way for Business

Ed. note: With this issue we introduce our new business column by Kathy Finn. One of New Orleans’ best known business journalists, Finn is a former editor of New Orleans City Business and Biz New Orleans. Her column will appear monthly. Aggravations abound in post-Katrina New Orleans, and one of the worst annoyances locals have […]


“I got nothin’ to loseNot even the bluesJust a bummin’ around …”–“Just Bummin’ Around” Luther “Skip” Lutz hunkers down over a cup of coffee at St. John’s Coffee House in downtown Covington one cool morning. Lutz sports a monstrous beard that covers nearly his entire face and the slits in that face never reveal his […]


Used to be, everybody in the Gunch family was omnivorous – they ate anything and the more the better. But now, we got picky eaters.My sister-in-law Gloriosa, who has transformed from a free spirit with large boobs into an Uptown matron with kids, rules out red meat for health reasons. Also, she sends her kids […]


Saturn B rocket booster being transported from Michoud, circa 1963. The multi-billion-dollar Orion Project � a space program aiming at �infinity and beyond� � will bring hundreds of new jobs to add to the 2,000 Lockheed-Martin jobs currently at the Michoud Assembly Facility. New Orleans� success as a player in the space race has been […]


On the Thursday before Katrina, the Sazerac Bar at the Fairmont hotel was so packed that it was easy to bump into someone and cause a drink to splash on a white suit. Classic white suits were proper that evening – because of the season and because of the event – the bar’s annual tribute […]

Julia Street

600 block of Royal Street, known as “Governors Row,” circa 1940. Dear Julia and Poydras,Can you tell me why the 600 block of Royal Street is referred to or known as “Governor’s Row?” That’s a tough assignment for Poydras – maybe he has a few friends on Royal Street who can help him out. Mrs. […]


 Celebrating our SwampsThe 22nd annual Swampfest at Audubon Zoo will host a cultural celebration of New Orleans and the swamps for which we are famous � with tickets no more than regular zoo admission. Nov. 4-5, Zydeco and Cajun music will be played by a variety of bands from all over the state; featured musicians […]


In one of those wondrous reincarnations of the city post-Katrina, I found myself on a cool night in early fall inside Sound Café at 2700 Chartres Street in Bywater, where a brass band jam session soon heated things up. The café is attached to a well-stocked used bookstore fronting Port Street. New Orleans Center for […]


These days, I drive up and down Magazine Street so often that my old Civic probably doesn’t need me to steer. I know all the options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A flash of pink paper in a window, and I pull over to investigate the chance of new chow. Rumors of a reopening (“Liuzza’s […]


You’ve met Harry Shearer before, but probably never knew it. Well, maybe not in person, but you’ve either heard him speak and sing, or seen him on TV and movie screens. Derek Smalls. Mr. Burns. Ned Flanders. Sound familiar yet? Shearer is one of the few performers who has managed to crossover to other creative […]


Whether we are looking for them or hiding from them, more than ever we need to know where our local lawyers are and who among them are deemed to be the best. A national company that specializes in ranking lawyers based on the recommendations of their peers has recently updated its research. We present their […]


MASTER KEYClockwise from left: 14KT white gold and diamond antique-style key necklace from Ramsey’s Jewelers; Sterling silver fleur-de-lis heart-shaped skeleton key pendant from Symmetry Jewelers; Bixby sterling silver chain and key pendant with pink tourmaline stone and diamond accent from Boudreaux’s Jewelers; Handcrafted, sterling silver sheared fleur-de-lis brooch from Mignon Faget. JEWEL WEAVERFrom left: 10KT […]


When Louisiana bank executives gathered two months after Hurricane Katrina, uncertainty and even fear were the uninvited guests in the room, says Paul Bonitatibus, senior executive vice president for branch banking and wealth management for the banking segment of Capital One. No one could predict what the future held for the region’s banking industry – […]


The lively crowd I walked into at Molly’s at the Market one Monday night at 3 a.m., after the Saints kicked dirty-bird butt, was a rare and beautiful thing. Most post-Katrina Mondays Molly’s has been more of a krewe of tew – I only know because this is a regular one-beer drop-by for me after […]


Each week we invite you “the Reader” to let us know how we are doing and give us comments on what you would like to see. Here are a few comments we received last week. If you would like to send us a comment E-mail Errol Laborde at elaborde@NewOrleansMagazine.com. My Name is Sal Gambino and […]


We know, the Saints have only played six games, but the off week caused us to go into withdrawal which could only be remedied by contemplating what we have seen so far. (Listed in ascending order) 5.The Blocked Field Goal. By the time this Falcon’s field goal attempt was blocked in the Emotion Bowl, otherwise […]

Peter Max – An Interview

“The 60s were an amazing time,” says this month�s cover artist, Peter Max. The period was also amazing for Max. Through his art, he helped define the cultural landscape. As Max describes it, he stumbled into the work that made him an icon. He�d studied art for years, but considered himself a realist painter. �I […]


“My dad was a hard working man.” Those words still resonate whenever I think about Angelo Brocato’s Ice Cream parlor which has now reopened after being closed because of You Know What. Speaking was Angelo Brocato Jr. who along with his brother, Joseph, ran, at that time, the store that his father founded in 1905. […]


City Park is a topic about which I am hardly neutral. My father was superintendent of the park for about 30 years. Until his retirement in the 70’s he was at the park practically every day including, by choice, drive- troughs on Sundays and holidays. As a kid, living nearby, I and my friends sometimes […]


HE WROTE THE SONG Sixty years after he wrote it, Eddie DeLange�s song would grow in importance from a mere tune in every saloon singer�s repertoire to an anthem for a region. Where once the song might cause agreeable nods from listeners, six decades later it would draw tears. The song�s lyrics would be transposed […]


Fulton Street. It�s more a concept than a traffic corridor. Over thelast year, a handful of restaurants have opened there: 7 on Fulton,Wolfe�s in the Warehouse and, most recently, La Boca. Everyone isclamoring for a spot on the half dozen blocks that hardly anyonenoticed before and plenty of people still can�t find. Harrah�sCasino has plans […]


More than a sweetly aging lady of rock �n� roll, Linda Ronstadt has roamed the landscape of popular music with a handful of searchers drawn to its roots � the genuine stuff that defines humanity. As Paul Simon sought out African artists for Graceland, and Ry Cooder discovered Cuba in resurrecting The Buena Vista Social […]


SPOOKY FUN � Do you hunger for blood? Are your teeth sharper than everyone else�s? Those who have an interest in vampires should consider attending the Vampire Lestat Ball, which will be Fri., Oct. 27 at Rosy�s Jazz Hall. The bash, presented by Les Temps des Vampires, is inspired by the character invented and made […]


Dear Julia,In the early 1900s, my grandfather, his father and brothers owned a business in the French Quarter near the railroad tracks. They were public weighers and gaugers. They took samples from hogsheads of sugar on the steamboats and brought them to the Sugar Exchange building on Canal Street to be tested. They climbed into […]


Illustrations by Jane Sanders 1. Red Beans as a Comfort Food. It was, so the story goes, the custom for housewives to set a pot of red beans to simmer on Monday mornings, before getting busy with the week�s washing. By the time the last shirt was on the clothesline, dinner would be ready. Now, […]


For the past year, there�s one question that has come up again and again as our city recovers: What�s Open? nAs locals, we may tend to eschew the broad, sweeping generalizations some may use to make a case for saving the city we would never consider abandoning. Instead, looking from the inside out, we see […]


The first issue of New Orleans Magazine, known then as the �Official Monthly Publication of the Chamber of Commerce of the New Orleans Area,� also billed itself as �Le premiér numero� for its publication month of October 1966, Volume I, Number 1. There were stories on New Orleans music, red beans, the business climate, the […]


Typical array of jewelry worn by the legendary late New Orleans restaurateur, James Brocato, aka �Diamond Jim� Moran, on an evening around town: Diamond studded eyeglasses, cost $12,000; diamond filled dental bridge, $2,500; collar pins and studs, $12,500; diamond lapel pin spelling out �Jim,� $2,500; diamond studded fountain pen, $5,500; �Moran� buttons, $10,000; blue sapphire […]


One of the most critical decisions New Orleans parents must make is where to send their children to school. To make the search ans decision process smoother and easier many area schools are set to welcome hundreds of families to a series of open houses throughout the educational community. Click here to read our list […]

FALL TRAVEL: Some of the Best Destinations in the Gulf South…

Even if your summer vacation is behind you, the fall is an ideal time to travel through Louisiana and the southeastern U.S. Permanent attractions, special events and festivals abound throughout the area. From the white sandy beaches of Florida to the small town to the historical wonder of the River Parishes, the southeastern states offer […]


French Fountains This exquisite gallery of fountains is located at 7901 St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. Garden element design consultant Michelle LeBlanc Fine specializes in antique garden elements and fountains, especially ancient limestone fountains inspired by 17th century design. On location you will also discover 18th and 19th century statues, iron trellises and gates, […]

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New Orleans Magazine has expanded its local News Stand locations. To pick up your copy of the current issue stop by any of theses locations. If you are a Retail establishment and would like to offer New Orleans Magazine for sale at your location please e-mail Todd Matherne at todd@NewOrleansMagazine.com or call (504) 830-7247. French […]

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