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New Orleans Magazine October 2008

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Upscale Burgers and Easy Dogs

Even burgers and dogs, among the most populist of American dishes, can benefit from a little time spent here in the Crescent City. After all, this is the city that placed Lucky Dogs upon a literary pedestal through Paradise Vendors in A Confederacy of Dunces. While Ignatius may no longer be peddling his 12 inches […]

Coleen Landry

“Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.” –Bill Vaughan, American newspaper columnist and author   Rule No. 1: Never confuse Coleen Perilloux Landry with the common genus, Tree Huggersaurus Americanus. There are live oak trees, some mere toddlers, between 500 and 600 years old, that (Landry would say […]

Art on an unattempted scale

A groundbreaking event beginning this month aims to cast New Orleans as an international destination for contemporary art.  Having opened Nov. 1 and continuing through mid-January, Prospect.1 New Orleans is the latest in a series of biennials, an art world tradition of major art exhibits held across a particular city every other year. In its […]

Gobbling It Up

My next-door neighbor always said his favorite part of the Thanksgiving turkey was the next day’s gumbo. I doubt their seven children left much turkey meat but when you add some andouille sausage and plump, succulent oysters, you have a powerful dish. I love to tell my out-of-town friends about turkey bone gumbo. It is […]

The Last Night at the Sazerac

This was a happy night. The date was Aug. 25, 2005, and the Fairmont Hotel’s Sazerac bar was packed tighter than a Huey Long ballot box as people gathered to celebrate the former governor’s birthday. Long, whose actual birthday was August 30, would have been approaching a sprightly 112 that evening but there was still […]

Learning from the Storms

Struggling with luggage outside the Union Passenger Terminal (UPT), 66-year-old Geraldine Bush recalls the end of her career as a doorman at the Wyndham Canal Place hotel.  “I retired the night of [Hurricane] Katrina,” Bush says. She and members of her family soon found themselves among the desperate masses of the New Orleans Morial Convention […]

Lee Zurik

Not many people in New Orleans can say that they’ve blocked for a Super Bowl-winning quarterback and tackled important problems facing the city. Local sports geek, now investigative ace, Lee Zurik can claim both honors, as he’s now looking out for the city’s best interests instead of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, whom he protected […]

Restaurant Insider

Felipe’s Taqueria has opened a second location in the French Quarter (301 N. Peters St., at the corner of Bienville Street). The spot formerly housed a Hooter’s and should pull in a big nighttime crowd from nearby locations such as the House of Blues and Tipitina’s. Since a fire shut down the only Tex-Mex spot […]

How to sell a muffuletta

Tulane University senior Matt Oertling has more than muffulettas on his mind these days when he visits Café Freret, a casual eatery near campus. He’s also thinking of how the locally owned business can attract more customers in ways that his classmates might not consider.   Oertling is on one of four teams of Tulane […]

The Political Economy of Music

It shouldn’t take many years for some enterprising historian to produce the book on New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina that chronicles the failure of politics behind the limping recovery. Whole swaths of certain areas crawl with dense floribunda, like some tropical Pompeii, the empty houses bearing witness to the politics of city and state that proved […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot

Dear Julia, During the late 1940s, my friends and I would play baseball and football on an empty lot on the lakeside of St. Charles Avenue and Philip Street. The Georgian Apartments [building] was eventually built on that site. We would call it the Army Lot; I don’t know why we gave it that name. […]

A new try on Truancy

Bunking school has always been costly to students in terms of their education and future prospects. Now in New Orleans, it can also directly impact their families’ wallets.  This fall, public school officials and law enforcement agencies in New Orleans initiated a tougher policy for enforcing truancy laws. Thanks to a new law that took […]

Topical Depression

If T.S. Eliot were still alive, he would get a lot of argument from people living in South Louisiana about his poetic declaration that “April is the cruelest month.” There are two cruel months in these parts: August and September.  These months are getting a reputation for five things: hurricanes, evacuations, traffic snarls, power outages […]

Hospices and Hurricanes

John Fuchs, a hospice patient, left New Orleans in the back of his sister’s SUV during that mandatory evacuation before Hurricane Gustav. His remains returned to New Orleans in an urn.  Fuchs was diagnosed with colon cancer just before his 52nd birthday in November 2004, four years after his wife had died from a pulmonary […]

Health Beat

nThe New Orleans Saints, Ochsner’s Elmwood Fitness Center and Centerplate have collaborated to revamp the Superdome’s game-day menu. Turkey dogs on whole wheat buns, grilled Portobello mushrooms, chicken kebobs and pan-seared tuna are just a few examples of Ochsner’s new “Eat Fit” snacks, available at the Dome (the program started Sept. 7). Rita Benson LeBlanc, […]

Judge Nazik

Ed. Note: Baghdad Dispatch is now written by two female Marines with local connections; Marine Capt. Mary Noyes, an attorney; and Marine Maj. Meredith Brown, an Iraqi Women’s Engagement officer. Their respective columns will appear in alternate months. Noyes moved to New Orleans in 2006; Brown is a native of Marrero. Judge Nazik Daham Awad, […]


Playing “Fare” Tony-award winning playwright Conor McPherson’s The Seafarer will be performed at Southern Rep Theatre this month under the direction of Mark Routhier. Starting on Nov. 5, The Seafarer, will take audiences to a coastal town north of Dublin during Christmas Eve. There, Sharkey Harkin and his blind brother Richard are stocking up on […]

Frat Boys

Well, it did prepare you for boot camp,” Walter Carroll admits, “although the program was a little different.” Carroll was recalling initiation into his high school fraternity, TKO. By the time he graduated from Isidore Newman School in 1940, Carroll was a veteran practitioner, as well as former victim, of typical fraternity initiation rites: “paddling, […]

Commentary from New Orleans Magazine’s Errol Laborde: TOP 10 MODERN ERA LOUISIANA ELECTIONS

Maybe one day we will look back at the gubernatorial election of Bobby Jindal as being a pivotal moment in the state’s, and perhaps the nation’s, history. That judgment, however, needs some distance before it can be made. In this, a very political week, here are my picks for the top ten most crucial elections, […]

Read and Spin

Soulster Mark Broussard’s newest release, Keep Coming Back, is an effort by Broussard and his retinue to capture the zesty lagniappe that uniquely comes with a live performance. His effort produced a solid album, featuring jams by musicians such as Tim Akers (keyboard) and Gary Burnette (guitar). Two tracks are duets: “Why Should She Wait,” […]

Commentary from New Orleans Magazine’s Errol Laborde: When Katrina Haunted Halloween

Seeing the seasonal decorations appearing around town reminds me of Halloween Night 2005 in the French Quarter. The night was bizarre even by the standards of Halloween … and the Quarter. Part of the old neighborhood still had the stench of mildew that was permeating the entire city two months after Katrina. Only the smell […]

Commentary from New Orleans Magazine’s Errol Laborde: REMEMBER THE NURSES

During my father’s last days I was using a phone near the hospital’s nursing station when I noticed a young nurse talking to another patient’s family members. The conversation was not going well. The family was upset. Moments later the family left and the young nurse sat there alone sobbing.       I was struck by the […]

Commentary from New Orleans Magazine’s Errol Laborde: 3 Backhanded Election Victories Since Katrina

If Bill Jefferson is re-elected to Congress, his victory will mark the third time since Katrina that someone has won what might be called a "backhanded" victory. Such a victory I define as one in which a person is sent back to office not as much based on merits but because he it is perceived […]

In Sickness and in Health

   “We’re just regular people,” says Joan Brennan of Gretna. She and her husband Vaughn, a retired lawyer and Air Force Veteran, have been married since 1985. Collectively, they have eight children from previous marriages and nine grandchildren. They attend church regularly and enjoy the city of New Orleans with its food, festivals and joie […]

Things Men Can’t Live Without

Axelle Fine Arts Gallery Royale3926 Magazine Street,New Orleans(504) 899-2688www.axelle.comAxelle Fine Arts can help you find that perfect piece of art for you home or office. Representing contemporary French Painters, Axelle has built a reputation on advising both first time and experienced art collectors with both home and office art purchases. Visit the new location at […]

Louisiana Small Trips Make for Great Memories

Make the time to go! A short trip can do wonders for your outlook, and Louisiana offers lots of budget-friendly ways to play. These short drives lead to a few days of fun, which can make life seem more manageable. Take a look and find a way to getaway with some great options close to […]

Trophy Life

Chris Paul didn’t want to take off his gold medal. In fact, he almost wore it in the shower. But before that, the New Orleans Hornets point guard says his medal had to withstand a bath of a different sort after the medal ceremony. “The bus ride from the arena to the hotel was crazy,” […]

Men and their Collections

Primal men, we’re told, were hunters. Modern men are hunters, too. Fortunately, having been relieved of the need to stalk wooly mammoths for a tribal supper, they can use their instincts to track down collectibles for their den. Clear the path. Here are the skins that some local men have hanging on their wall. Dr. […]

Holding Firm

Three years post-Hurricane Katrina, local banks are on the move. New branches are popping up all over town – with more on the drawing board – and bankers say their institutions are playing a vital role in city’s rebuilding. Here’s a look at what’s new with area banks as they try to read the tea […]


I wound my way through the French Quarter while, with its enchantment of sumptuous dining and a scarlet Séance Lounge, a night with the possible spirit at Muriel’s Restaurant awaited me. The LaSpirits Paranormal Investigations Team and I were joining forces in a ghostly stake-out to see if the restaurant’s revenant-in-residence would be proved as […]

A Bold New Level

Step It UpChocolate leather-like cropped jacket from Ruby; Sheer navy floral brocade blouse from Luxe; Printed patch panel ankle length skirt from Bloomin’ Deals; Black antique patent ankle boots from Saint Germain; Boucle newsboy cap from Perlis; Earrings and bracelet from Ragin’ Daisy. Tall Order Black lace sheath dress and cameo brooch from Bloomin’ Deals; […]

Read and Spin

The power of Ben Hunter’s Traveler: A Healing Album for the City of New Orleans is proven with its first notes, which strike a vivid image in the mind: A man with long hair sits on a porch, strumming and singing in the dark of a powerless, hurricane-evacuated New Orleans, sliding notes through the air […]

Julia Street

Dear Julia Street, Recently I read a novel that was based in New Orleans in the early 1900s. I have two questions concerning locations at that time.    The first is a reference to “the old basin canal.” It inferred that it ran from the French Quarter to the Bayou St. John. What was the exact route […]


Bigger and BetterIn 1999, Tad Gormley Stadium held the first annual Voodoo Music Experience, during which a few acts performed before calling it a night. Ten years after its humble start, the Voodoo Music Experience has taken over City Park, which serves as a beautiful (albeit slightly eerie) backdrop for hundreds of musical acts appearing […]

Last Call

Cross the Velvet RopeIn many cities, the beginning of the social season means a cotillion-type ball, staged by organizations with histories that predate the last World War. Maintaining New Orleans’ tradition is more a sacred trust than an annual chore. And many of our social traditions pre-date The War – the Ruckus Between the States, […]

NOLA by the Numbers

1.4 billionTotal yearly value, at least, of Louisiana chemical shipments. 38 millionApproximate value of Louisiana’s 2003 alligator harvest. 24Approximate yearly loss of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands, in square miles, between 1990 and 2000. (Roughly one football field lost every 38 minutes.) 1853Year City Park was established. 500Projected loss of Louisiana’s wetlands, in square miles, over the […]

Etc. Editorial

Full-figured VixenThe Voluptuous Vixen, a fashion-forward boutique that caters to women sizes 10-28, is owned by Jaclyn McCabe, who opened her store in November 2006. McCabe says she was always interested in fashion, “whether it be my punk-rock high school days or my granola grad school days, I was always trying to push the envelope.”McCabe […]

Dining Features

Mimi’s: Italian dining in River RidgeMimi’s Italian and Seafood Restaurant opened in 1975 as a family owned venture catering to the River Ridge clientele. Serving basic Italian and seafood dishes, the restaurant soon became a popular spot.Executive Chef David Whitmore and Vicki Bullard Fulco assumed ownership in May 2002 and changed the atmosphere and cuisine […]

30˚90˚ Calendar

Oct. 6, 12, 26. New Orleans Saints home games; Louisiana Superdome. Information, www.neworleanssaints.com. Oct. 10-16. New Orleans Film Festival; Citywide. Information, 309-6633, www.neworleansfilmfest.com. Oct. 14-18. Arabian Nights; Lupin Theater (Tulane University). Information, 865-5105. Oct. 17. Ghosts in the Oaks; City Park. Information, 482-4888, www.neworleanscitypark.com. Oct. 19. 12th annual Komen New Orleans Race for the Cure; […]

Taking On Cancer

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the U.S. accounting for one of every four deaths and exceeded only by heart disease. In 2008, there will be about 1,437,180 new cancer cases. Of those, about 565,650 Americans are expected to die of cancer–more than 1,500 people a day. The effects of cancer […]

Rose From South Africa

On a leafy New Orleans balcony, nearly five years after the murders, Rose Preston remembers her late husband, James Saporito. His mother, Patrina Saporito, owned a “glorious” old mansion in Mid-City, Preston recalls. Both mother and son were found murdered in the manse, their bodies charred, on Sept. 3, 2003. Preston, a native of Johannesburg, […]

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Persona: George Shinn

New Orleans Hornets primary owner George Shinn says he’s nothing more than a marketing guy and salesman, and in the past year he’s proven his mettle as both. In the 2004-’05 season, the Hornets’ third in New Orleans, the team posted a miserable 18-64 record and finished among the NBA’s least watched teams. The next […]

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