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Changes: In the weather and in kitchens

What passes for fall in New Orleans is upon us, and while we can’t compete with the color show in New England, we can at least take solace in the comparatively cooler weather. The cooling temperatures, of course, don’t mean that things in the restaurant world are slowing down. Kristen Butterworth, right, a Pennsylvania native […]

Father Mac’s Message

Why St. Henry’s needed to survive

Death and The Times-Picayune

All her life, my mother-in-law, Ms. Larda, woke up to the thump of The Times-Picayune on her front porch. Not no more. Now she will only hear it on certain days of the week. “I got to pick out which day to die on, Modine,” she says to me.  Ms. Larda believes in being prepared. […]

Wheeling Along

Rollerskating has changed with the times

One Man’s Coop

Luxury living in Pigeon Town

The Bees and Me

My admiration for honeybees is great; I just don’t like taking showers with them. That had increasingly become a problem when a group of bees established a colony near the roof next to my kitchen and a bathroom. According to the bee removal guy, the bees likely picked that spot because it was shady and […]



New in the Warehouse District

Annunciation and Rene Bistrot


DAILY recollection Re: “Picayune Memories,” Chronicles column by Carolyn Kolb. August 2012 issue. The story by Carolyn Kolb was special. I have good memories of the times about which she relates and also knew a number of people who worked at the paper. My sister-in-law Deirdre Burke Provosty and her sister in law Jacqueline Provosty […]

Pie in the Oven

Recipes you can crust

A Month for Diverse Spirits

If there ever was a community where diversity works, it has to be New Orleans. There are so many divergent and different viewpoints here that it’s a wonder we can ever agree on anything. But we do (sometimes). And it works (often). At least it does for us (as best we can tell). Where else […]


10 Ways to Experience Football at Café B Café b, 2700 Metairie Road, Metairie, 934-4700, cafeb.com Many of us are happy when football season arrives, but finding the right venue every week to watch the game can sometimes be a challenge. That is why we’re happy to hear that café b in Metairie (a great […]

Guy Things

In which local men reveal some of their kitchen creations

Want to be an entrepreneur?

Here are two places that could help

NOT in it FOR the MONEY

Mark Landis, the Gift Forger

Bottoms Up

Surveying the Suds Shipping Scene

A Man and His Trombone

Rediscovering Kid Ory

The Truth About Beer

These are fighting words, I know, but I maintain that all beers taste alike – at least all beers of a kind. Sure, there is a big difference between Dixie Blackened Voodoo and Abita Purple Haze, but among all non-light common lager beers there’s not much difference. Several years ago I even conducted my own […]

New Orleans’ Media Makeovers

We Welcome the City’s New Daily We never thought we would be writing these words, but here goes: “We welcome this month New Orleans’ new daily newspaper, The Advocate.” There is both joy and sadness to the announcement. We very much appreciate the eagerness that the Manship family of Baton Rouge has shown in bringing […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot




Mark Romig

I love my job,” says Mark Romig at the conclusion of our interview. And I think, why not? Romig promotes the city of New Orleans. But for those of you who think tourism is something that drives itself – I’m sure you’re pondering, “How hard is it to promote New Orleans?” – think again. Romig, President […]

Business Builder in Central City

A local nonprofit that helps people jumpstart their own small businesses and get ahead has opened a new hub and incubator that aims to do something similar for an entire corridor of small businesses with a long history in New Orleans. Good Work Network primarily serves minority- and women-owned enterprises, guiding them through the start-up […]

Voodoo to Do

The occult still holds New Orleans in its spell.

Grow Dat Grows in City Park

It is hard to miss the small campus of buildings marking the entrance to Grow Dat Youth Farm, which operates from a once-obscure stretch of New Orleans City Park. After all, these buildings, fashioned from recycled shipping containers, are painted bright green and stacked upon each other like giant blocks. What is less obvious to […]


Learning the language of politics

Half Empty

The costs of treating alcoholism


Saks Fifth Avenue Key to the Cure fundraiser, which benefits the cancer research programs of the Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium, will take place this year Oct. 18-21, with a kickoff gala Oct. 17. The LCRC is a cancer research partnership between LSUHSC and Ochsner, and Tulane and Xavier universities. Over the past 11 years, Saks […]

“Behind the Wire”

Perspectives from a retired prison warden

Benson Tower Goes Green

A New Orleans skyscraper that once stood as a symbol of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation is now being praised as an example of the city’s future. The newly renovated Benson Tower, the 26-story office building adjacent to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, was recently recognized as the first high-rise in New Orleans to earn certification through Leadership in […]

Let the Scaring Begin

New Orleans offers plenty of Halloween happenings


CD After listening to the eponymous album by the band Louisiana Atmosphere, you’ll quickly learn that the six members of the band are proud of their love for New Orleans. With song titles including “If You Don’t Like Jazz” and “Gumbo Ya Ya,” the album is a tribute to the city and its culture. Many […]

Sneak Preview! TOP LAWYERS

We are looking at Top Lawyers through different eyes this year. For the first time, we’ve contracted with Professional Research Services of Royal Oak, Mich., a town near Detroit. While the listings are the sole responsibility of PRS, the results are exclusively ours to publish. You will not find them anywhere else. Using various means, […]

Summer Bridal Show – June 14, 5-8 PM