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Julia Street with Poydras The Parrot

Dear Julia and Poydras, My uncle gave me an old wooden nickel from Ted’s Frostop Drive-Ins. At one time, it could be exchanged for a free root beer. I know it expired decades ago, but do you or Poydras have any idea when it may have been made? Fred Smith (New Orleans) You know Fred, […]

Jingle, Jangle

On a recent hike through the outback meadows and wilds of City Park, I came across a spectacle that stopped me in my literal tracks and – truth be told – depressed me more than a little. There, behind a plot of overgrown grasses and untamed growth, confined behind a sturdy chain link fence in […]

Holey Doughnut!

Hot and sweet: who doesn’t love the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of a classic Krispy Kreme doughnut? In this political season, one thing all campaign headquarters of every party will have in common: the ubiquitous box(es) of Krispy Kreme product. What fuels the phone bank, encourages the corner sign-holders, keeps up the courage of the canvassers plodding […]

Why MSY?

The daredevil aviation pioneer after whom New Orleans’ airport was named once thrilled the city with his daredevil stunts. Until … It was cold in New Orleans on the fateful morning of December 31, 1910. But John Moisant wasn’t put off by the cold. He wasn’t put off by many things, in fact. Maybe gravity, […]


  Crescent City Chamber Music Festival The Crescent City Chamber Music Festival’s fourth season will take place from October 3-13. There will be exciting, interactive musical performances at 30 venues across the city, as well as six free performances in various New Orleans venues. Information, CrescentCityChamber MusicFestival.com. New Orleans Film Festival From October 16-23, the […]

One-Tank Getaways

New Orleans may be “America’s Most Interesting City,” so it’s easy to become complacent with all there is to do and see. But the region surrounding our city offers historic and cultural destinations, many of which may be accessed with only a tank of gas. Here are five unique cities offering fall festivals and fun […]

Mezcal Cocktail

October makes the perfect bookend on the without-end New Orleans festival calendar. While March gets the big celebration ball rolling in the spring, October, ending with Halloween, punts us into the end-of-the-year’s holiday season with plenty of forward momentum. The accompaniment should be an internationally diverse liquid balance of New World, south of the border, […]

Mastering the Fundamentals

Barbeque is a curious thing. It carries with it not just a method of cooking but also some serious cultural trappings. You don’t often see a restaurant spill out of its dining room to encompass patios, music stages, boat docks and play areas for the kids, but you will see this with barbeque joints, which […]

Bohemian Luxury

  World traveler, designer, purveyor of bohemian luxury, collector, nature lover, and do-it-yourselfer are just some of the hats that Dianna Knost wears – and all are evident in the Uptown cottage where she lives. Locals got to know Knost’s style in 2012 when she opened her store, AKA Stella Gray, a collective of organic […]


Except perhaps for the Manhattan, no cocktail is as identified with the town of its origin as is the Sazerac. Even that New York drink doesn’t have a museum and a global liquor manufacturing industry carrying its name as the Sazerac does. Cocktails, like food and music, are all the result of fusion. The New […]

Aarón Sánchez

Aarón Sánchez has had a long-lived love affair with New Orleans and its cuisine. Sánchez moved to the city from New York at the age of 16, and trained under the watchful eyes of Chef Paul Prudhomme, a personal friend of Sánchez’s mother (herself a prominent restaurateur). In his new book “Where I Come From: […]

Monster Bash

You can tell Halloween is almost here. They’re playing Christmas music in the stores, and they got three rows of mechanical Santas ho-ho-hoing in the front of Walmart. Of course, everything remotely Halloween-y was sold out in July. So if you ain’t the type who plans your entire life three months ahead of time, you […]

Bracing For It

Excerpted from Eve Crawford Peyton’s blog, Joie d’Eve,  which appears each Friday on MyNewOrleans.com With Ruby recently starting seventh grade, I have been going back in time to my own middle school experience. I remember the excitement of getting a locker and the (much more short-lived) thrill of having a PE uniform to change into. […]

News From the Kitchen

  Quitutes Brazil is a huge country and accordingly has a diverse cuisine. Until recently, I was unfamiliar with “quitutes,” which translates to “canapés” in Portuguese. Quitutes is also the name of a restaurant that opened in August in Arabi with a menu focused on the small bites as well as Brazilian staples like the […]

Streetcar: The Arrival

We were up early to see a lady who would be standing on a small island in the harbor. According to the cruise ship’s captain, we should be passing the Statue of Liberty around 7 a.m. The cruise director suggested instead 6:45, just to be sure. We were on the seventh floor deck by 6:30. […]

Power Plays

Sizing up the state of Louisiana’s energy industry used to be pretty simple. If the price of crude oil was strong relative to historic values, the state’s oil producers raked in profits. If prices declined or were persistently low, those same businesses felt bottom-line pain. But during the last few decades – since the heady […]

Beyond the Taco

Beloved Creole dishes fuel lifetimes in New Orleans with diehards sticking to red beans on Monday and gumbo on Friday. Nevertheless, population shifts find adventurous diners and cooks loving the influences of foreign cuisines. Not the least of these are Mexican/Latin flavors finding their way into kitchens with dishes beyond tacos. Behind this is a […]

Roads Less Traveled

  I never made it to the snake farm. That used to be one of the sites along Airline Highway (U.S. 61) as it stretched between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. In the days before interstates, traffic moved a lot slower along the old federal and state highways. The roads were designed to get you […]

Beyond the Limits

When you think about music in New Orleans in October there are two great things that come to mind: The first is of course the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience’s annual blow out at the end of the month; the second is the overflow from Austin City Limits that brings a great selection of artists […]

Cancer Care

Despite continual advancements in cancer treatment and care, a cancer diagnosis still causes great concern for thousands of patients across Louisiana every year. Fortunately, the state’s cancer treatment specialists and cancer centers offer many of the most advanced treatments available. Between clinical trials and proven, time-tested procedures and medications, there are approaches to battling cancer […]

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