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News + Notes

2020 New Orleans Film Festival In a chaotic year where most New Orleans festivals have been scrapped, one festival hopes to safely continue amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The New Orleans Film Festival still plans to move forward with its 2020 event, albeit a month later than its usual October launch. While some details were still […]

Fall Libations

The Bayou Bar at The Pontchartrain Hotel is offering two new fall cocktails that will make you feel all cozy inside. The “Duck Fat Sazerac” features smoked duck fat Sazerac rye, bitters, Herbsaint and sugar. We all know that duck fat takes French fries to the next level, but it turns out the same can […]

A Steady Diet of Resilience

When the New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute (NOCHI) opened its doors in January 2019, the hospitality industry was booming. The nonprofit culinary school, a passion project of local restaurant titans Ti Adelaide Martin and Dickie Brennan and developer George Brower, seemed ideally positioned to supply the city’s surging number of restaurants, bars and hotels […]

Pet Power

ADOPT ME! Sparkle, a 3-month-old black and white puppy, lives up to her name. Sparkle has lots of energy. She’s feisty, loves to play, and will light up your life. She does great with other dogs, and quickly learns commands like “sit.” To adopt visit la-spca.org These are trying times. Finding joy in life’s simple […]

From the Editor

Fall in New Orleans is a time when we really start to move away from all things summer. The air gets a little lighter. The oppressive humidity of those dog days finally wanes. We break out the gumbo pot and all the fixings; comfort food is on the menu. It’s also, usually, a season of […]

Travel: Lookout Mountain

If you plant a finger on a map of the U.S., aiming for the heart of the South, you’ll likely hit Lookout Mountain. Rising up from the Cumberland Plateau in Georgia and Alabama and stretching into Tennessee where it overlooks the Tennessee River and the city of Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain remains the stuff of legends. […]

Tricks and Treats

There are, of course and unfortunately, many serious and tragic consequences of the pandemic and resulting quarantine: not only death and illness and grief, but also mental health concerns, social isolation, and economic impacts for so many families. There are also the more frivolous consequences, the kind that people joke about on social media: the […]

David Shaw

Many know David Shaw as the front man for local rock band The Revivalists. For over a decade, Shaw and the band have been a staple at festivals and concerts around the country, but like many who have tried something new during the pandemic, this front man is turning solo artist for the first time. […]

Streetcar: Where Morgus Lived

Save this column, it could be a collectors’ item. These words will attempt something seldom seen in journalism, and that is to identify the exact location of a place that did not exist. That, in itself, made the evidence more difficult to collect. Nevertheless, the pursuit continued: In August, the town criers announced woefully that […]

Ashes to Ashes

My friend Awlette says every public restroom is  a death trap. She tells me this on the I-10, with 18 hours to go until we get to New Jersey. I got to explain. Our Aunt Chlorine in New Jersey, who gave us a place to stay after Katrina, needs our help. It’s time to take […]

Spice Trade

On one hand, you could refer to Plume as a new Indian restaurant in Algiers. On another, you could say it is an expression of personal experiences born of travel and discovery during a long sojourn across India, as its very evolution was organic. “When we first started our pop up we were not planning […]

Comfort Food

Diving headfirst into fall with mini cool fronts and pre-holiday prep happening, it’s the best time to start implementing comfort food into the dinner rotation. What says ,“It’s fall y’all,” better than a creamy sauce over chicken with roasted potatoes? I love to work with chicken because so many people say the same thing: “I […]

Doggone Trouble

Back when I was a student at the University of Wisconsin, me and my friends would routinely go to the open-mic night at the Student Union every Wednesday night for kicks and giggles. There was this one guy who showed up every week. He was terrible, but he was funny. He rolled out one sorry […]

Private Dining

Chef Eric Cook and Gris-Gris recently gained international attention, after being featured on “Gordon Ramsay’s: Uncharted” TV series with National Geographic (June 2020). Now, after battling the ups and downs of operating a restaurant during the coronavirus pandemic, Gris-Gris is offering a new, exclusive and private dining option that allows guests to book the entire […]


Singing the popular World War I ballads “Over There” and “Mademoiselle from Armentières,” thousands of American soldiers and sailors passed through New Orleans on their way to Europe to fight in the Great World War to “end all wars.” Here, New Orleans photographer John Hippolyte Coquille captured this image of U.S. Army troops in formation […]

Twist on a Punch

Bartender Toure Folkes founded Turning Tables in July 2019. Turning Tables advocates for equity in the hospitality industry providing mentorship, educational tools and classes, as well as exposure for the brown and black community of New Orleans. A core component of his students’ training sessions is learning about the “mother cocktails.”  These core cocktails, like […]

Brad Casey

In a year when many people have more than their usual share of free time and/or time at home, an outdoor space offers a productive way to occupy leisure hours and enjoy nature. Fall’s cooler temps are conducive to DIY projects and professional overhauls ranging from planting to pools. “Timing is everything on a lot […]

Style: Work It Out

Overexposure from screens is known to cause eye strain and sleep disruption. Filter out digital fatigue with Krewe’s Carson Plume blue-light glasses, Krewe, krewe.com. Upholstered in easy-to-clean faux leather with armrests and a straight back to help keep busy bees posture perfect, the Carter Armchair is a stylish option for everyone in the family, Eclectic […]

Cancer Care

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in a year when most health news has been focused on the pandemic, now is an important time to be reminded of the other diseases that affect our communities and loved ones. Whether in the office or via telehealth appointments, healthcare professionals across the city have resumed […]

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