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BROUSSARD’S RESTAURANT819 Rue Conti581.3866www.broussards.comBroussard’s is known for classic dishes such as our delicious starters; Crabmeat Ravigote, New Orleans Crabcakes and Oysters any way you like them. These can be followed by mouth-watering entrees like Louisiana Bouillabaisse, and Salmon Jean Lafitte. Our desserts are luscious such as Profiteroles au Chocolate Marion, Crepes Broussard and Bananas Foster. […]


GOOD FOR JIM DONELON Jim Donelon¹s first round victory in the primary caps off a political career that has had highs and heartbreaks. Donelon is a decent guy whose pedigree is from a once prominent Jefferson parish political family. His uncle was Tom Donelon the reform parish president who presided over the parish in the […]


Delilah Methe stands on a red rectangular rug in her kitchen and can’t resist telling you: “See this rug, I made it by hand by sewing 6,000 two-square inch pieces of material together … It was painstaking.” Then there are the two magnificent crystal lamps replete with shades: “I picked those up from somebody’s trash […]


They should bottle spit – it’s the best glass cleaner!” according to famed New Orleans photographer C. Bennett Moore, as recalled by his granddaughter, Eugenie Stoll Ragan, who was only seven years old when her grandfather died in 1939. “I remember him vividly, putting those pictures together,” she says. Obviously, the glass in Moore’s frames […]

NEWSBEAT: A green gallery blooms

A new gallery space in the St. Roch neighborhood opened this summer with an exhibit featuring a medium in no short supply on New Orleans’ post-Katrina streets: garbage and debris. The exhibit, titled “Art is Garbage,” includes: sculptures made from various pieces of industrial gear, tools and building materials welded together in animal shapes; a […]


Even more painful than the Saints’ dismal 3-13 record last season was the thought of our team playing its home games in another town. Lest anyone forget, the Saints are of and about New Orleans. The franchise was created because of the Superdome; the team’s name draws from our music; the fleur-de-lis on the helmet […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Lamb Chops with Currant and Morel Demi-Glace

This weeks’ recipe comes to you from Chef Brian Landry of Galatoires Restaurant. Galatories is located at 209 Bourbon Street and their new location is located at 17451 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge. If you enjoy this recipe let Brian know you saw it in the New Orleans Magazine News Letter. Lamb Chops with Currant and […]

SPEAKING OUT: We need our own airlines

Here is the paradox: For New Orleans to get more airline service we need to attract more business. To attract more business we need more airline service. Standing in back of the room are the airlines who don’t care how we resolve our problem because there are other, more lucrative, less disaster ravaged, markets to […]

NEWSBEAT: Space mission continues

The planned retirement of the nation’s space shuttle program at the end of the decade was a source of concern for local business leaders, since it put into question the future of two major economic hubs for the region with shuttle-related missions. Recently officials from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) affirmed that both […]

HEALTH: The lice wars

Yes, I have had students with them, but I will get in trouble with my principal if I talk to you about it,” whispers an elementary school teacher from a private school. All I needed was background information. I promised to withhold all clues to her school’s identity. I promised to go to jail before […]


Juliet Hainkel calls herself “a lifelong New Orleanian” with strong Uptown ties. She lived near Audubon Park, and she and a partner, Desiree Petitbon, operated Basics Underneath, a chic lingerie shop on Magazine St. Right after Hurricane Katrina, the pair were in a quandary: the city was shut down, they had lots of inventory and […]


This past week marked twenty years since Pope John Paul II visited in New Orleans . (He arrived Sept. 11, 1987.) The anniversary brings to mind one of the New Orleanians who knew John Paul best. Stories have surfaced about Lindy Boggs’ tenure as Ambassador to the Vatican . Serving during most of Bill Clinton’s […]

NEW ORLEANS HOMES AND LIFESTYLES: Home of the Month – A life’s journey

The stately circa 1920s Uptown house is everything of which Kim Dudek dreamed. When she first went to see the three-story house, she stayed for four hours. Dreaming, no doubt. Kim is known to dream big—after all, her thriving Magazine Street business, Belladonna Day Spa, is singular in its concept, encompassing everything from spa services […]


Maybe it’s just the Zoloft talking, but my friend Awlette claims you can find something good about anything, even hurricane evacuations. For instance, she says, after Katrina we all learned new technological skills – like how to text message on our cell phones. Now before Katrina, the only people who knew how to use text […]


So much to say, so little space… Soul Searching Mike Collins, right, (Executive Chef of the Windsor Court’s New Orleans Grill) has been checking out the local food scene and making hook-ups with vendors at the Crescent City Farmers’ Market and cool grocery stores like Hong Kong. He’s seeking and stocking up on soul foods […]


Age: 53 Family: Married for 31 years to wife, Deborah; son, John (“Johnny”) Anthony Blancher; daughter, Eve Hankins; four grandchildren, with one on the way. Resides: Mid-City High school: Archbishop Rummel High School College: Loyola University for his freshman year, then finished at Northwestern State University Favorite food: It’s hard to beat a good filet, […]

STREETCAR: Limericks for our Times

Local life lately has not always had rhyme or reason. Since reason remains elusive, here at least is a feeble attempt to find rhyme. • Bill Jefferson was quite a teaser. His invitation was really a pleaser: “Come over for dinner And you’ll see I am no sinner I’ll just grab something from the freezer.” […]


Paul Soniat sings the Katrina blues Paul Soniat, who happens to live on the Uptown Street that bears his name, is a pianist and songwriter grappling with the world remade by Katrina. In his new CD, Below the Waterline, Soniat lays it on with “Red Eyes,” a song from the soul of the city: When […]

NEWSBEAT – IMAX tells Katrina story to the world

Timing was everything for the latest large-format film now being shown at the Entergy IMAX Theater, Hurricane on the Bayou, which examines New Orleans’ vulnerability to hurricanes from wetlands loss in coastal Louisiana. “It was being filmed with the question of what would happen if the worst storm in 100 years hit New Orleans, then […]

MARQUEE – Places to Go, People to See, Things to Do

LIFE IMiTATES ART L’Imitation of Life – New Orleans-based Running With Scissors’ comical rendition of the 1959 Technicolor hit Imitation of Life, can be seen Sept. 8-Oct. 1. A group of five actors and one actress will take on the dozen-plus characters in the original film, making for a hilarious treat. Tickets are $25, which […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Oysters Rockfeller

OYSTERS ROCKEFELLER 3 dozen oysters 1 10-oz. package chopped spinach, thawed and pressed dry 1 stick butter 1 bunch green onions, chopped; green and white parts divided 3 stalks celery with tops, chopped with tops divided 1/2 bell pepper, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 10 large leaves fresh basil, chopped 1/2 bunch parsley, leaves only, […]


Serving as chairman of the Housing & Redevelopment Task Force for the Louisiana Recovery Authority, co-chair of St. Bernard’s Citizen Recovery Committee and vice president of the New Orleans Zephyrs – and all of that before his “real” job as an attorney and partner at Leger, Shaw & DeSue – would wear out most anyone, […]

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