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People to Watch

Our Annual Survey of Newly Notables

Past Tense

Pics from the town that was

Death of a Daily

When the End Began for Times-Picayune Staffers



The Day the Pies Burned

As though triggered by the ping on his desktop, Arthur Nead knew instinctively what to do when he saw the news headline. It was Friday morning, July 27, and the word was spreading that there had been a devastating fire at the Hubig’s Pie plant. Realizing he might never bite into a Hubig’s Pie again, […]


Dining at the Hyatt 601 Loyola Ave., 561-1234, NewOrleans.Hyatt.com It is hard to be different in a city filled with famous chefs and legendary cuisine. However, John Besh and Brian Landry (formerly of Galatoire’s) have done just that with Borgne. A new restaurant in the Hyatt, it showcases Isleños cuisine, a cooking style of the […]

You Really Can’t Make This Stuff Up

The HBO series “Treme” starts its third season this month and, for most locals, this production has been the most authentic depiction of our city ever seen on television or in the movies. Not only does New Orleans dance to its own beat, construct buildings that are immediately identifiable with its culture, create art that’s […]

Westward Wonders

Foods from the coast

Exploring the Possibilities

September is the first month when we allow for the possibility that the heat will one day subside, and we can go back to enjoying the outdoors without risking sunstroke. It is a ruse, of course, because September is damn-near always as hot as August. Still, at least the commercials on national television are starting […]

Top Shelf

Something new; something changed

Boston on the Bayou

This home near City Park has the feel of two great cities.


CD Matt Lemmler’s New Orleans Jazz Revival Band has just released Ubuntu, the latest effort from the innovative pianist and a couple dozen of his best friends. Lemmler’s supergroup borrows talent from Shane Theriot, Brian Blade, Jason Marsalis, Mark Mullins, Kim Prevost, George Porter Jr. and many more. The tracks break from traditional New Orleans […]

The Making of Broadmoor

A 20th-century neighborhood still has charm: family-style.

Back to Work


Shrine of the times

Sister Carla Dolce and the battle for hope

Catching Up With Tomatoes

I am coming out of the post office, minding my own business, and a lady slaps a bag of tomatoes in my hands, jumps in her car and drives away. I ain’t surprised. I am in Folsom where my daughter Gumdrop lives. In Folsom, everybody grows vegetables right out of the ground. (I grew up […]

Whatever Happened to the Class of ’02?

There is something frightening about the year 2002 already being nostalgic. More frightening, though, are the reasons why the year, isn’t entirely sweet in sentiment, in retrospect. Ten years ago, our annual People to Watch feature was in our July issue. The world was still reeling over what, by then, was commonly called “September 11th,” […]

Right in Your Backyard

Upscale and upstarts on Maple Street

From Lots to Crops

Flooding following Hurricane Katrina and long-term blight have left New Orleans with a bumper crop of vacant lots; accompanying this bounty is an increase in concern over how the city can address it. Recently, however, a local nonprofit advocate for urban farming has begun an initiative aimed at turning more of those lots into resources […]


On Sept. 13, East Jefferson General Hospital will host “Girls Night Out: Racing to a Better Metabolism.” Dr. Elise Nicaud, along with other medical experts will spend an evening devoted to helping women safely boost metabolic rates to maximize health, fitness and energy levels. The seminar will take place in the facility’s Esplanade Rooms, and […]

A Case of Voucher Waste

One newspaper’s revelation

New Orleans Lands Landing Craft Project

New Orleans is the home of the Higgins Boat, an innovative amphibious landing craft that carried Allied troops to battle across the globe during World War II. Today, the New Orleans area is again producing an innovative, next-generation landing craft, one intended to serve many different missions for America’s modern military. It is also a […]

Share the Wealth, Escape the Tax

It’s a great year for giving, estate planners say.

St. Roch Market Makeover

New small businesses, hip nightspots and a vibrant art gallery scene are all part of a grassroots revival along St. Claude Avenue, the historic but long-neglected commercial corridor running between St. Roch, Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods. Now, after a long wait, work has begun to return an important piece of this downtown area’s past. City […]



Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot


The T-P Fiasco, Part 3

And now the end


Police, Cajun, Falstaff Re: “Police and Katrina – in Retrospect,” Speaking Out column. May 2012 issue. My husband and I have fallen in love with the Big Easy. We will fly in from Tampa, Fla., whenever we have a chance. I always check out the New Orleans Magazine as soon as I get into town. I […]

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