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Living Upscale in Downtown New Orleans

Demand and prices rise in tight local housing market

Read & Spin

• COOKBOOK While it’s mostly a book of recipes, Lolis Eric Elie’s Treme: Stories and Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans is much more than something to store in your cookbook cabinet. As a staff writer and story editor for HBO’s New Orleans series “Treme,” Elie meshes stories from the show’s characters with recipes […]

Music Through the Lens

The late New Orleans photographer John Kuhlman captured musical giants with his camera.

Q&A: The NOLA Project's Latest Season

The NOLA Project's ninth season opens Sept. 5 and includes a production inspired by a newspaper you might know.


Pascal’s Manale Restaurant, Andrea’s Restaurant and Capri Blu Bar and Zea Rotisserie & Grill

A New Fangled Cocktail

Try this recipe for an update on the classic Old Fashioned.

Classics from the Dailies

Newspaper veterans knew their way around the kitchen.

Restaurants New and Revisited

In many parts of the United States, September is when you first start considering whether you should bring a sweater with you when you leave the house. If you’ve got kids, it’s also when you start getting re-acclimated to the routine of the school year. In the restaurant world, September is when we start seeing […]

3 Asian Restaurants Worth a Visit

Take a break from your usual Chinese take-out place and experience New Orleans' new wave of Asian restaurants.

Riding Hitler’s Elevator

Our schedule that afternoon in the Bavarian Alps was to visit Hitler’s Kehlstein, or as the Americans called it, “the Eagle’s Nest.” Not that he was trying to suck up to the Fürher or anything, but the mountain peak retreat was built at the direction of Nazi boss Martin Bormann, who used Nazi party money […]

Catholic Youth Organization: Giving Them Something To Do

In 1930, Chicago was filled with tough neighborhoods, where “the outfit,” including the infamous Al Capone, seemed to be in control. Many youngsters were in danger of turning to crime. Something had to be done. The Catholic Church, particularly an auxiliary Bishop, Bernard J. Sheil, wanted to provide a better choice for at-risk teens. And […]

Mom Identity

During a recent team-building exercise at my new job the group leader passed out little slips of paper that read simply, “I am …” We were all given 30 seconds to complete the sentence with one word that summed us up. After rejecting “detail-oriented” because I wasn’t sure if it counted as two words, I […]

Raising Eyebrows

My daughter Gladiola is sitting and staring at nothing. Poor heart. Her senior year just started and I know she has plenty on her mind: Will she do good on her tests? How will we pay for college? What will she do with the rest of her life … I ask what’s the matter and […]

Blasts from the Past

David Thibodeaux's drive-in theater gives New Orleanians a taste of yesteryear.

Hank Williams and Billie Jean Say I Do

Hank Williams married Billie Jean Jones Eshlimar, on Oct. 18, 1952, in Minden, La. It was the second marriage for both, though it wouldn’t be the only ceremony. The next day Williams was scheduled to perform at the Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans, where the vows were exchanged at each of two performances. Billy Jean […]

Is Frenchmen Street the Next Bourbon Street?

Frenchmen Street is getting more and more popular with tourists, which is leading to questions about its future.

New School on the Block

The array of charter schools across the modern New Orleans public education landscape has created a great deal more choices for students and parents. But some education advocates say that the notion of the neighborhood school as a community hub has diminished as those choices lead so many students to campuses that might be far […]

Two Cops, One City

Remembering James Parsons and John Raphael


• Dr. James Diaz, a professor at the LSU Health Sciences Center, conducted a study that finds new modes of transmission and behaviors associated with parasitic lung infection. In the study, which appears in the current issue of Clinical Microbiology Reviews, Diaz found the Paragonimus parasite can live in freshwater Asian crabs and raw or […]

A Road of Retinal Detachments from Mayan Ruins to New Orleans

We were standing in the back of a mini-truck bouncing over bad roads. I was worried about Dick, a 75-year-old professor scheduled for spinal stenosis surgery a month later. But I ended up the victim,” says New Orleans physician and frequent world traveler Dr. Robert Travis Kenny. The primitive road that Kenny describes could’ve been […]

Paul Vallas Faces ‘‘Absurd Drama’’

How bureaucracy is being used to keep a good man down

Alliance for the River

To crib a motto from Las Vegas, what happens on the Mississippi River doesn’t necessarily stay on the Mississippi River. The conditions of the river and its access to shipping and goods, commodities and raw materials, all reverberate through the United States economy and the job prospects for states linked together by the river as […]

Broad Street Neon

There's a subtle addition to Broad Street that's mostly noticeable once the sun goes down.

21 Things To Do This September

SEINFELD AT SAENGER He may be considered part of the old guard, but Jerry Seinfeld is staying relevant in today’s comedy landscape, in which more and more comics are using video sites like Funny or Die and YouTube, Twitter and other nontraditional platforms to get noticed. In Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the web series […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot


Katrina Plus Eight; Remember the Hispanic Workers

There are a million Katrina stories out there, including this one from a man who after exile returned to his home, where the water mark was at the four-foot level, and tried to begin the repair process. He called a local contractor who wanted more than his insurance could cover, but could not guarantee when […]

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