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Best of the Fall Fests

  With the weather turning cooler (please?, pretty please?) it’s time to get outside, throw on some jeans and enjoy food, fun and festivities at the ever-growing list of festivals in and around the city. From September through December, there is no shortage of events celebrating the Who Dat Nation, New Orleans film, blues and […]

Streetcar: Back Street of Naples

Our group was walking through a back street of Naples on the way to an historic cemetery when the tour guide assured us that our destination was only about a kilometer away. We Americans are often illiterate about the metric system, but I knew that one kilometer was less than a mile but more than […]

Chased by Scholarships

Few teenagers hang in coffee shops reading books such as “Living with Our Genes,” but then Amaris Lewis is no ordinary teenager. A graduate of Lusher Charter School with a 4.40 grade point average and an award-winning history of researching stem cells, she received $2.7 million in scholarship offers, including The Gates Scholarship, which provides […]

Julia Street with Poydras The Parrot

Dear Julia and Poydras, I am aware that salmon and trout are not native to Louisiana, and that fish we know as “speckled trout” is really a kind of croaker. A fishing buddy once told me he’d heard that salmon had been caught around Amite in the 1800s. Was that the tall tale I have […]

Let Your Tiki Flag Fly

In many ways, September may be the most difficult month in the New Orleans calendar. Money is spent on the children assuring a good back to school experience for them, rather than on vacations or festivals. The hot summer lingers on…and on…and on. No really big party happenings until the end of October. To be […]

Toil in the Soil

I am not what you call a traditional gardener. Whatever I grow is on leftovers in the refrigerator. But once— ONCE— I did real good with a poinsettia that I got at Christmas. I watered it every day and it was still blooming at Easter. I couldn’t believe it. Finally, my sister-in-law Gloriosa broke the news […]

Planting a New Seed

For nearly 20 years, Louisiana Children’s Museum CEO Julia Bland has overseen a generation of young New Orleanians growing, playing and learning. While most of that tenure was at the museum’s Julia Street location, Bland is now at the helm at the brand new, state-of-the-art City Park home. Bland cut the ribbon and opened the […]

Dog Tired

Excerpted from Eve Crawford Peyton’s blog, Joie d’Eve, which appears each Friday on MyNewOrleans.com. Before I had kids, I would talk about my dog when my co-workers complained about their kids. “Jordan slept like crap last night,” my officemate Cathy would say by way of explanation while refilling her coffee mug for the fourth time. […]

Taking the Lead

This month we have a fantastic lineup of women that, when taken together, represent the best moments and impulses of contemporary music. They all have excellent new albums out and are touring at the top of their game. Things get underway with Lizzo at the Fillmore on the 7th and 8th. This multitalented performer released […]

North Rampart Street Parade

A New Orleans newspaper article published in the first days of January, 1914, and using the language of the time, reported this about juvenile crime during that past New Year’s Eve: Few Juveniles Arrested Very few arrests of minors were made Tuesday, and the bookings in the Juvenile Court are not more than the average. […]

People to Watch

New Orleans Magazine’s People to Watch tradition has been going strong for more than 40 years. Throughout that time, we have celebrated musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, movers and shakers from across the city. We define a Person to Watch as someone doing something new and interesting; in some cases, it may be someone who has already […]

News From the Kitchen

Bellegarde Bakery Bellegarde Bakery started offering bread to restaurants and retail outlets in 2013, and in July opened a storefront near the intersection of Claiborne and Carrollton. The term “artisan” is overused, but it perfectly describes Graison Gill and his team in turning out beautiful loaves of hand-made bread using grains sourced directly from farmers […]

Coastal Mexican

Katrina had a profound effect on the restaurant scene in New Orleans. In the years that followed a profusion of establishments filled niches that were underrepresented or even non-existent. But it was about more than just places to eat; whenever a new place opened it gave something back, creating gathering spots in neighborhoods that desperately […]

Fresh Take

“Everything was beige; walls, kitchen cabinets, tiles,” homeowner Susan Nelson Hart said of the townhouse that she and her husband, Robert Hart, bought. Both are physicians at Ochsner Health System and were looking to make New Orleans their full-time home. The couple, who previously practiced in Baton Rouge for many years, loved the townhouse’s St. […]

The Story of a Cover

People to Watch is New Orleans Magazine’s oldest tradition, having started in the early ‘80s and continued, after a brief hiatus in the last years of the‘80s, through the present. Of all the people who we have been deemed worthy of watching, no one has a story that deserves a perpetual sidebar as much as […]

Oodles of Noodle

If I have learned one thing about raising children, it is to feed them noodles. Really, any kind of pasta will do, but noodles are a favorite among kids, who like to slurp things. We Americans, of all ages, have graciously adopted the flavors of Asian cuisines with current tastes running towards noodle bowls. I […]


2019 Curtain Call Ball Le Petit Theatre kicks off its 103rd season on Sept. 13 with the 2019 Curtain Call Ball. Broadway actress and singer Betsy Wolfe will perform, accompanied by a cast of local favorites. There will also be silent and live auctions. Information, LePetitTheatre.com. Stage Door Songbook Series: Cole Porter On weekends from […]


  Local children are back from vacation and heading back to school, which means their days will be spent surrounded by others and the germs that naturally accompany kids and learning settings. Whether sick with a sore throat or injured at soccer practice, an unwell child is inevitable at times, and expert care can help […]

Arts and Culture

Louisiana’s melting-pot history combined with its unique, diverse landscapes is undoubtedly why it is one of the most culturally vibrant states in the country. Visitors to the state and locals alike find themselves enthralled with the food, music, history, and art of the communities that extend along the Gulf and Mississippi and over to Texas […]

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