St. Charles Avenue - January 2011

On the Cover

Those who read or watched Hurricane Katrina coverage may have noticed a familiar object on our cover: Fats Domino’s baby grand piano. As you enter Louisiana State Museum’s new permanent exhibit, “Living With Hurricanes: Katrina and Beyond,” you’re presented with…

A note from Bev

We are so proud to present the “movers and shakers” of the incredible new exhibit at the Presbytère called “Living with Hurricanes: Katrina and Beyond: Louisiana Museum Foundation President Thomas P. Westervelt, Exhibition Patron Co-chair Sally Lapeyre and Exhibition Committee…

Along the Avenue

It is hard to believe it’s a new year. The holidays flew by so quickly, the only way I can really tell they’re somewhat over (Twelfth Night is January 6 and the opening salvo of Carnival) is that my feet…

What You Can’t Live Without

These products and services are must-haves for the New Year. From gadgets and clothes to spring-cleaning and party planning, your life will be made easier and more fun with a little help from these local businesses.

Fare Grounds

Dining in Mid-City and Lakeview has never been so tasty.

Ann Stockton Teague Weds William von Phul Trufant

Ann and william “Von” Trufant met at a cocktail party in Jacksonville, Fla. Ann had just made her debut in Jacksonville, and was getting ready to go to medical school after college. Von Trufant, a life-long New Orleanian, was a…

Moses – Smith

Lisa Beth Moses and Warren Joseph Smith met many years ago when Warren was the college roommate of Lisa’s friend from high school. They saw each other regularly during college, but never had the chance to get to know each…

Theresa Sivori

Theresa Caroline Sivori, a seventh grader at St. George Episcopal School, knows that teenagers love jewelry. She volunteers with the Beads for Life Organization, which is a program that helps the women of Uganda make money by selling beads. The…

Here We Are

Urban Conservancy celebrates a unique sense of place.

Justice for All

The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation hosts a fundraising luncheon.


The 24th annual All Saints Soirée is a masked affair.