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St. Charles Avenue June 2005

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Cool by the Pool

A party by a pool for young girls kicks off summer vacation by BEV CHURCH Summer is here and children are out of school, so it’s the perfect time for an end-of-the-school-year pool party. Your little girl can help you plan the whole party from the invitation to the food and music. The colorful flower […]

Tyrell-Brennan Wedding

Craig and Bridget Ted Brennan, Alana Brennan, Bridget and Craig, Ellen Brennan and Teddy Brennan Julie Tuite, Craig, Joan Tyrrell and Dr. Eugene Tyrrell (front row); Paula O’Hara, Gene Tyrrell, Tracey Tyrrell, Missy Doyle and Kim Tyrrell-Knott (second row); and Dr. Dana Tyrrell, Neil Tyrrell and Mark Tyrrell Julie Tyrrell, Lucie Tyrrell, Katie Doyle, Michael […]

Summer Vacation

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Lakefront—known then as Milneburg—was a thriving resort destination for New Orleanians by PATRICK MCDERMOTT Locals tend to think of the Lakefront as an everyday and convenient spot for recreation. For New Orleanians of the 19th century, however, the Lakefront was an exotic and exciting destination. Aside from […]

Home Schooling

by ASHER RUBIN Fathers are smug. They think they know it all. They think that inhaling and exhaling for many years entitles them to membership in Mensa. They think their kids should listen raptly to their sage advice and heed their every suggestion. The premise is that a kid is incapable of rational thought and […]

Why We Eat Out

by MICHAEL DEPP I’ve just returned from a trip home to New York, and such trips for me are invariably sprinkled with meals out with my family. These are illuminating experiences for me, as they tend to make me reframe my view of the whole eating out experience. My relatives don’t dine in restaurants with […]

June 2005

Each One Save One is an incredible organization that teams a child with a caring mentor who is there for them as a role model and to help with their education. The magazine is honored to feature EOSO co-founder Cathy Harris, and mentors Arnold Fielkow and Leigh Wilson with their mentees, James Sam and Kendrick […]

Along the Avenue

Ron Forman, Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and Pat Denechaud at the Woodrow Wilson Awards. Decorator Mary Ferry Bigelow at the “Refrigerator Art” benefit for the International School of Louisiana. Pam Halter with Prissy Sutton, a new Men of Fashion Hall of Fame member, at “Prix d’Elegance.” by DIANE SUSTENDAL There are any number of awards […]

The “Chef Soirée” gets into a tropical spirit in 2005

Jimmy and Mary Rogers with Brett Stoltz Vicki, Sandy and Courtney Menetre with Glenn Salter Richard and Bonnie Drude Tom Nowak and YSB president and CEO Dr. Robert C. Allanach Frank Davis singing with The Wagners Mike and Betty-Ann Hoss, Ron and Carole-Lynn Redmann, and David and Jeanne Pecot Susan Walker with Jim and Dina […]

Musseling In

Chef Chip Flanagan of the Bar & Bistro at La Louisiane puts a local spin on a classic dish APPETIZER | Tuna tartare with avocado and tomatoes in a lime vinaigrette SALAD | Spinach and pancetta salad with spicy pecans and manchego cheese ENTREÉ | Mussels Creole DESSERT | Poached plums filled with lime mascarpone […]

Summertime Blues

Sate your need for refreshment with festive Blue Hawaiians by SALLYE IRVINE I ordinarily eschew ingesting anything blue. Blue, in my estimation, is simply not a natural food color (with perhaps the exception of blueberries.) And I have long been especially wary of blue drinks, as they are all too often powerfully potent—in a sneaky, […]

Father’s Day

Wrap your arms around his neck and a fine hide belt around his waist. Even if he’s an odd size—like a 37 or a 39—Bayou Belts will make a custom belt just for him. Choose from exotic skins such as alligator, lizard, ostrich, snake or shark, and be sure to check out the key chains, […]

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