One day ago today, I penned this post about finally mastering a new level of hurricane prep. (Note: We finally added the NOAA solar and battery powered weather radio with HDMI cell phone charging capabilities, flashlight and SOS signal to our kit.) Today, the hubby and I are learning the art of evacuation prep, as we consider whether to stay or go and get some things ready if it’s the latter.

In the process, I learned that my most-prized possessions are:

  1. A vintage quilt sewn by my maternal great grandmother.
  2. An afghan hand knitted by a person who was like another mother to me.
  3. Jewelry handed down to me from the women in my family, as well as my grandpa’s watch and tie clip.
  4. Some family photos, mine and my husband’s wedding album and those of my parents and maternal grandparents.
  5. Handwritten recipes from my grandmothers.
  6. Important documents.

Each item has been lovingly packed up and is ready to go if or when we depart for our designated evacuation location. This is conjuring up some uncomfortable feelings with which so many New Orleanians and others who live in this coastal area are all too familiar. Along with the rest of the region, we are hoping it fizzles out or at least downgrades to a category 1 or lower. Whatever you decide to do, stay safe, everyone.

If you are evacuating, what special items are you making sure to pack before you go?