It’s a Wrap!

A rolling gift wrap cart for organizing paper, cards, ribbon and more is at the top of Schimpf’s nice list. Stash it in a closet when not in use.

In New Orleans, the winter holidays roll right into Mardi Gras, making a quick transition from decking the halls to “Throw me something, Mister!” From wreaths to gift wrap to papier-mâché flowers (because we’re betting house floats are here to stay), opt for smart storage that will keep your holiday gear celebration-ready. 

Out with the old

Before you store, organizer Felicia Schimpf recommends pitching things that no longer serve, like broken lights and tree ornaments or wrinkled wrapping paper. Keep only items you will want to reuse next year. 

Picture perfect

Do you love the way you styled your mantel, tree or porch? Take a photo of the setup to remind yourself next year how you did it and include that photo in your storage spot.


Tailored tools 

For bulky items, Schimpf opts for transparent plastic storage totes because seeing what you already own lessens the likelihood of buying duplicates. Totes should be clearly labeled (try color coding labels by holiday) for easy identification. For specific items, choose specialized gear to make storage a snap. 

Find optimal storage space

Felicia Schimpf, owner of NEAT Method New Orleans, often finds clients stashing bulky, awkward holiday items in closets throughout their homes. She recommends consolidating decorations into one space, sorted by holiday, for easiest access.

Blessed with extra (climate-controlled) closet space? Great! If not, designate an attic or garage section, and use airtight storage to keep moisture and mildew at bay. That’s especially important for fabric items like holiday blankets and hand towels.



Holiday lights

Avoid the Griswold tangle with a light storage reel: ATS Christmas Light Storage Reel Holder With Installation Clip.








Get a handle on wreath storage with a protective bag. If you have multiple wreaths, try hanging them along a closet bar or on wall-mounted hooks. The 30-inch Wreath Storage Bag.







Ornament storage keeper

Protect precious keepsakes with a zip-up ornament tote: TreeKeeper Adjustable Christmas Ornament Storage Keeper. 

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