Every year I find myself in a conundrum with which most of you will be familiar: Do I shop for gifts online or at local stores?

Each has its perks, fallbacks and, well, guilt. If I shop online I can do so during my lunch break or in my pajamas, each item will be delivered at my convienence and I might find things that each person may not have ever seen before, but I’m not giving back to my community or supporting local shop owners and artisians. If I shop at local stores I’ll support my fellow New Orleanians, but I’ll also have to deal with the hassle of driving and parking in New Orleans and Metairie, and most likely will have to pay higher prices.


So, here are 5 of my top choices, all of which can be purchased online through a local retailer – most of whom are created by locals – solving that issue!


Sarah Ott necklaces at Little Miss Muffin

It’s That Time …

I purchased a “nola” and a “Sunday Double Layer” as gifts, and a “Skyline” just for me!



Laurel Wilder “Grand March” tray designed by Bryan Batt exclusively for Hazelnut’s New Orleans Collection

It’s That Time …

There are so many beautiful items in this store, but when I saw this try, I knew immediately which Carnival-obsessed friend would be unwrapping this at our Revillon!



Adopt an Animal through Audubon Institute 

It’s That Time …

For the person who has everything, why not adopt an animal at Audubon Zoo, Aquarium or Insectarium? From a ladybug to a sea otter, blue morpho butterfly or African penguin chick, choose your animal or insect – or price point – and receive a personalized certificate of adoption, color photograph, “fun facts” card, an e-card of congratulations and announcement to share, a thank you letter and an invitation to the adoptive parent celebration.



Fleur de Lis Hoop Earrings at Fleurty Girl

It’s That Time …

While some of us are a little over seeing fleurs-de-lis everywhere, some occasions – and some people – call for a pop of Saints and New Orleans pride. These earrings do just that, while looking fabulous and serving as the perfect stocking stuffer or white elephant gift.



Gift Certificate for Belladonna Day Spa

It’s That Time …

Everyone could use some pampering after the stress of the holidays is over. Show her – or him! – you appreciate all that they’ve done with a gift certificate for a spa day (or hour) to Belladonna; oh, and tell them if they’re getting a massage to ask for Scott, you’re welcome.



If you have a favorite local store or artist who sells or crafts the perfect present, tell me about him or her in the comments – I’m always looking for more gifts!