How did the company start?
I worked for the original owner, Linda Keenan, and became the manager of our Royal Street branch, then owner of our Magazine Street location.

What makes you unique?
We specialize to a certain demographic of customer who is looking for something artsy, original and unique. Our sizes range from extra small to XXXL.

Do you stock different items in your various locations?
Yes, each store has its own personality; the French Quarter store is funky, Bay Saint Louis is beachy and Uptown is elegant.

Are your clothes for summer or all year round?
We carry clothes for all seasons, but we are definitely known for high quality clothes that are both cool and comfortable.

How do boutiques compete with all the big brand stores?
Big brands are just that; they are big and everywhere. Our boutiques offer originality. We tell our customers to listen to other peoples’ reactions when they wear our clothes. People notice when you have something different.

What are your favorite items in store right now?
The Flax Urban Collection, it’s perfect flax and the quality stands out.

What are you excited about for spring?
Inizio: it’s a new fitted linen line from Italy.

Tell us one of the best things about your job?
Working with my team is definitely one of them. They are exceptional, offering superior and personalized service to every customer who comes through our doors. Come have a glass of champagne with us and meet them!

California Drawstrings

3650 Magazine St.