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Addis NOLA has opened the Coffee Ceremony Stage, a dedicated larger space that serves as the backdrop for the traditional Ethiopian ritual of roasting coffee beans from the Yirgachafe Region. In the spirit of this tradition, cocktail guru Touré Folkes of Turning Tables has created the Kahltini—a cocktail made with hand-roasted Ethiopian coffee, Kahlua cream liqueur and vodka, served with house-made ice cream (upon request). Additionally, general manager and co-owner Prince Lobo makes in-house Prince’s Tej—a traditional Ethiopian honey wine that is used in many of the new cocktails, including The Woo (house-made Ethiopian honey wine and gin). The restaurant also is highlighting Black-owned wine and spirit producers with a variety of signature house-made cocktails, beers and wines such as O.P.P and Chasing Lions.

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Registered dietitian and nutrition journalist Molly Kimball, who spearheaded the Eat Fit program at restaurants and other outlets around New Orleans and South Louisiana, has written a new guide to low-sugar, zero-proof craft cocktails entitled “Craft: The Eat Fit Guide to Zero-Proof Cocktails” ($22, Pelican Publishing). In collaboration with bar expert Ethan Skaggs and executive editor Melanie Warner Spencer of Renaissance Publishing, the book features more than 50 elegant mocktail recipes (inspired by Ochsner Eat Fit restaurant partners) with stunning photography by Hope Fruge. The book also features guides for barware and glassware, DIY bitters and shrubs, and more. Available at local bookstores and at

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Winter Warmers

At Toups Meatery, head bartender Kenny Watson is showcasing an array of new winter cocktails and mocktails featuring seasonal ingredients. The Sloe Poke features Sloe gin, gin, Madeira and spiced orange syrup, while the Midwinter’s Swell features smoked Plantation pineapple rum, cardamom orgeat, pineapple, lime and a dash of saline. Meanwhile, mocktails include the Toups Cola made with winter spices, black pepper, thyme, raw vanilla, Luxardo cherry syrup and cola syrup, and the Winter Soda features house-made shrubs and syrups shaken with citrus and topped with soda. 845 N. Carrollton Ave., 252-4999,

New Year, New Cocktails

Mister Mao has unveiled two new cocktails on the menu. The tiki-inspired Pithy Party features overproof white and dark rum, Amaro, grapefruit liqueur and pineapple, while the Spicy Pancho features tequila, aloe, melon, green Tabasco and Ancho Reyes, served with a mini bottle of Tabasco for additional heat. For Dry January, try the Libertad,  made with Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Dark Cane, rose water, orange and Coke. 4501 Tchoupitoulas St., 345-2056,

At the Bower Bar, the Storyville Mai Thai features False River small batch spiced rum, Runamok maple cocktail glitter, grapefruit, lime juice, Triple Sec, orgeat and Angostura bitters. The Daydreamer is a take on an amaretto sour and features Amaro Montanegro, Luxardo amaretto, simple syrup, aquafaba and Angostura bitters. Finally, the Umami Martini is inspired by The Bower Bar’s use of seasonal vegetables. It features dry gin and a house-made tumeric solution, garnished with a pickled carrot and a spicy Cajun-pickled green bean. 1320 Magazine St., 582-9738,

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Rare Rum 

Destilería Serrallés Inc., producer of Puerto Rico’s No. 1 rum, Don Q, has released the final 500 bottles that remain from the exclusive batch of La Reserva de la Familia Serrallés Rum. The rum,  initially barreled to age in 1994, was unveiled in 2015 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Destilería Serrallés. Only 1,865 bottles of this exceptional 20-year-old blend were bottled (a number that represents the year that the first sale of rum was crafted at Destilería Serrallés), and the company has now decided to share the last 500 bottles in existence. The blend of 100 percent, 20-year-old rums has been aged in 36 charred, American white-oak barrels, imbuing a natural golden amber hue. Expect notes of honey, warm tannins, and a lingering mahogany and fig finish with hints of apricot. Try this special spirit at Virgin Hotels New Orleans, The Hotel Monteleone and the Windsor Court Hotel.