Jennifer Weishaupt

Jennifer Fenton Weishaupt brings what might seem like unexpected experience to her new role as
 COO of Ruby Slipper Café. A chemical engineer by education, Jennifer “pre-tired” from Shell Oil Company in 2015 with 16 years of service, most recently serving as Operations Manager for three oil and gas production platforms in the Gulf. Now, she brings those impressive management skills to a whole new context, as co-owner and co-operator alongside her husband Erich, of what has grown from a single neighborhood café in 2008 into six unique locations in three states. Erich serves as CEO covering Finances and Growth, while as COO, Jennifer handles Operations, Human Resources and Marketing. Aside from Jennifer’s long list of philanthropic endeavors (not to mention business and personal awards), she makes sure Ruby Slipper stays committed to community involvement through fundraising events and support of local businesses.



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