Jensen Killen and Katie Logan Leblanc

Jensen Killen and Katie Logan Leblanc come from different professional backgrounds, but the longtime friends have managed to meld their interior design work together seamlessly. The duo formed Logan Killen after realizing their different paths had converged over time.

Katie studied graphic design, furniture design, and interior design at LSU before spending the better part of a decade at a New Orleans based architecture firm. Jensen grew up watching her contractor father work, exposing her to design at an early age. After graduation, Jensen worked in production design and event planning before uniting with Katie around 2012.

When approaching a project, the duo tends to be in harmony right from the start, with their separate backgrounds bringing different elements to the design.

“It’s a very layered approach,” Jensen said. “We’re always trying to blend antique pieces with more contemporary furnishings, as well as multiple layers of textiles and artwork so that the spaces feel really lived in and personal.”

The work that the Logan Killen team did on the Virgin Hotels project stands out to Katie and Jensen as a great example of the heights their approach can allow them to achieve, but their favorite project hits a little closer to home.

“Our shared favorite project actually is Sunday Shop,” Katie said. “It truly is the best thing that we created together, and it is probably the most valuable insight into what our style is and where we would like to go.”

Jensen said the Sunday Shop is a great example of the Logan Killen team working on their own and just for themselves. Unsurprisingly then, the shop is filled with a great blend of artwork, custom furniture, and home accessories.

Taken together, it all stands as a testament to the benefits of teamwork, friendship, and a shared vision.

Katie said her partnership with Jensen feels incredibly intuitive, to the point where the pair are often in sync from the very start of a project.

“We’ll just walk into a room and we instinctively want it to be green or whatever that mood is that we feel like the room needs to be,” Katie said. “We’ll always agree on furniture layouts and stuff like that. We’ve just always been in sync.”

Sunday Shop, 2025 Magazine St., 504-342-2087,

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