What do Drew Brees, Simone Biles and the Junior League of New Orleans (JLNO) have in common? GOATS!

While the national debate is far from settled, the citizens of New Orleans have spoken. Drew Brees is the greatest NFL Quarterback of all time. After her latest triumph at the 2019 World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany where she became the most decorated gymnast — male or female — in the history of the sport, Simon Biles has solidified herself as the greatest gymnast of all time. A common way to refer to these apex titles is the acronym G.O.A.T or simply, GOAT.

Here at JLNO, there is no debate. Our pets are the Greatest Of All Time…including our pet goats! Check out these JLNO members and their friendly, furry and feathered family members.


JLNO Loves: Pets
Leah Fink’s cat Binx is ready for the holidays. Photo by: Logan Senior.

Binx and Whiskers
Leah Fink and her husband are the proud owners of two black cats, Binx and Whiskers. They were adopted from the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) back in 2017. Fun fact about Binx and Whiskers: “Both cats know and respond to certain dog-like commands, such as sit, stay, come, down (i.e. get down off the counter), up (i.e. sit on their hind legs) and shake,” says Leah.


JLNO Loves: Pets
Sonia Kamboj’s Siamese cat Ginger. Photo by: Sonia Kamboj.

Sonia Kamboj adopted her Siamese cat, Ginger, from the Japonica Street location of the LASPCA prior to Hurricane Katrina. In their 15 years together, Ginger and Sonia have evacuated a hurricane, lived in five cities and shared eight different homes. Per Sonia, “Ginger’s favorite holiday is Caturday!” In case you didn’t know, Caturday is a Saturday celebration of all things cat-related!


JLNO Loves: Pets
Christine Jenevein’s dog Parker enjoys parties, puppicinnos and festive costumes. Photo by: Logan Senior.

Christine Jenevein purchased her puppy, Parker, as a surprise for her husband back in December 2017. For her first birthday, Christine celebrated with a “Pawty for Parker” where all of Parker’s two and four-legged friends came over to munch on some “pupcakes.” Fun fact about Parker: “Parker’s favorite snack is a baby carrot, although she loves the occasional puppichino,” says Christine.

JLNO Loves: Pets
Melissa James’ cat Gracie is ready for the holidays. Photo by: Logan Senior.
JLNO Loves: Pets
Two of Melissa James’s honorary pet tortoises, Remus and Elvis, enjoy a mid day watermelon snack alongside chickens JLo and Aretha. Photo by: Logan Senior.

Gracie, Aretha, JLo, Remus, Moses and Elvis
Scoping out the neighbors is usually a priority when signing a lease, especially in New Orleans. But when Melissa James and her cat, Gracie, moved into her apartment, her new neighbors were the least of her concerns. James’ landlord (who happens to live upstairs) is the proud owner of two chickens and three African Sulcata tortoises, whom Melissa has lovingly adopted as her honorary pets.

The two chickens, Aretha and JLo, reside in the chicken coop in the backyard and provide both James and her landlord with plenty of fresh eggs.

The three tortoises are named Remus, Moses and Elvis. Per Melissa, “Their life ambition is to participate in the Brennan’s Turtle Parade,” but weighing in at around 90 pounds each, overall logistics seem to pose an issue. One of Melissa’s favorite things about the tortoises is “watching them run towards their favorite foods, which include watermelons, tomatoes, potato skins, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, peppers and onions.”

While Gracie, is equally amused by the neighbors, she has hobbies of her very own. Gracie was adopted about a year ago from Zeus’ Rescues on Freret Street. “Gracie is a huge fan of CBS’ Big Brother. Whenever it’s on, she loves to watch it!” says Melissa.


JLNO Loves: Pets
Monet Bates’s goat Blanche (right), and her mom Strawberry (left).
Photo by: Monet Bates.

Monet Bates’ pet goat, Blanche, joined her family on June 29, 2019. She is a mix of Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf. “Blanche is the G.O.A.T. goat because she was the first goat ever born on my family’s property in St. Amant, Louisiana,” gushes Monet. All of the other goats were purchased from goat breeders. Fun fact about Blanche: “Blanche was named for the French word for white, and I also love Blanche Devereaux from Golden Girls,” says Monet.


JLNO Loves: Pets
JLNO member PJ Lentz and her furry companion Ruby (AKA Rubylicious). Photo submitted by: PJ Lentz.

Paula Jo (PJ) Lentz and her best friend, Ruby, have been inseparable since 2011 when Ruby was adopted from the Seattle Humane Society. Ruby, also known as Rubylicious, Rubdydog or RD, has accompanied PJ on several cross-country trips. They have visited about 30 states and have lived in 11 different homes together. “She even has her own Instagram account, @rubydognola,” boasts PJ. If Ruby had a Christmas list, it would include bacon, ice cream sandwiches and cold cuts.

Our JLNO members have opened their hearts to their family, friends and the city of New Orleans, so it should come as no surprise that this generous attitude extends to the animal community!

Unleash the joy this holiday season!

With Love,
The Pets of JLNO