JLNO Loves: Transfers

JLNO Loves: Transfers
LNO transfers enjoy appetizers and conversation before the first General Membership Meeting in July. Pictured Lauren Kamp, Zane Wilson, Christine Couvillon, Melissa Myers, Alexis Oufnac, Beth Applewhite, PJ Lentz, Christy Lentz, Meg McKown, Lindsay Labadie, Bianca Cook, Kelly Touart and Nicole Licardi.

Each year, the Junior League of New Orleans (JLNO) Transfer Committee is tasked with a very important job: prepare the welcome wagon and roll out the red carpet for the incoming JLNO transfers. This year, the Transfer Committee is working hard to welcome ten new League members to the city of New Orleans and make their transition into JLNO as smooth as possible.

On Tuesday, July 16th, the Transfer Committee hosted its first happy hour at Superior Seafood. After mixing and mingling over a refreshing glass of frosé, committee members accompanied the transfers to Headquarters for the first General Membership meeting. While fancy cocktails and private escorts could make any woman start to feel like Beyoncé, here at JLNO, this is just an example of good, old-fashioned southern hospitality.

Alexis Oufnac is a Baton Rouge native and a 2019 JLNO transfer who is certainly getting to know and love the city of New Orleans. On the weekends, you can find Alexis and her dog, Bacchus, on a leisurely bike ride at the Fly. One of her favorite things about New Orleans is how she can “… walk down St. Charles and Magazine [Streets] and pop in a shop without having to drive there!”

Like most members of JLNO, Alexis decided to continue her Junior League journey and transfer to JLNO for the opportunity to meet driven women who share similar values related to community growth and development.

Anna Dearman Kornick, a 2015 transfer, also made her way to JLNO from the Junior League of Baton Rouge (JLBR). She has wonderful memories of shopping with her mother and grandmother at “New to You,” which is the thrift store sponsored by the Junior League of Alexandria (JLA). When Anna was six years old, she recalls asking her mother, “What is Junior League?” Anna’s mother replied, “Junior League is a group of nice ladies who help people.”

Anna vividly remembers the conversation and her commitment on that day to be a nice lady who helps people. Anna has certainly kept her promise to herself, as evident by the leadership roles she has taken on with both JLBR and JLNO. Since joining JLNO in 2015, Anna has served as Public Relations Chairman, Communications Council Director and current Women’s Leadership Summit Chair.

“Serving on the JLNO Board as the 2017-2018 Communications Council Director was the most intense, rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life,” says Anna. “We were not afraid to be uncomfortable; not afraid to make decisions. Everyone just committed to be fearless.”

That being said, Anna’s current experience as the Women’s Leadership Summit Chair has provided her with a new definition of success: “Success is empowering someone else to step outside of their comfort zone and lead.”

Anna is thrilled by the opportunities provided by JLNO and hopes to continue her path of leadership by assisting women in their journey of growth and self-discovery.

President-Elect Kristin Van Hook Moore is another example of a transfer who is setting the leadership trail ablaze with JLNO. While Kristin was born and raised in New Orleans, she joined JLNO as a transfer from the Junior League of Pensacola.

As a wife, mother of eight-year-old twin boys, pediatric pulmonologist and President-Elect of JLNO, Kristin approaches these various responsibilities with incredible confidence and grace. While she has held numerous leadership positions with JLNO over the last seven years, she has set her sights on the 100th Anniversary Celebration.

As President-Elect of an organization with such a rich history of giving back to the community, Kristin has already started brainstorming the best way to give thanks to the city of New Orleans, honor those remarkable women who came before us and celebrate the current generation of women who continue to carry the JLNO torch.

“I am dedicated to finding a way to properly celebrate the sustainability and adaptability of JLNO,” says Kristin.

Kristin has committed herself to thoughtful reflection on women in the New Orleans community — particularly the women of JLNO and their amazing accomplishments over the last 100 years.

While our JLNO transfers have joined us from Junior Leagues all over the United States, the consensus remains consistent about our transfers.

Lindsey Labadie, the 2019-2020 Co-Chair of the Transfers Committee and a 2016 JLNO transfer herself, says, “Being a transfer can be difficult. You do not know where you belong, and you want your voice heard. I hope that I can help facilitate some of those things.”

“[Our] mission for the year is to introduce our ladies to leaders within our League by hosting monthly socials around the city,” Lindsey says. “We hope to collaborate with other committees so that the transfers have the ability to meet as many leaders and members in the League as possible, while showcasing what we love best about our city.”

JLNO welcomes our new transfers with anticipation, recognizing each woman has the potential to become one of our future leaders. The Transfer Committee’s efforts paired with exciting volunteer and training opportunities will provide each transfer with the foundation not only to enjoy her League experience but to thrive in it. Welcome aboard!

JLNO Loves: Transfers
JLNO Transferees, President-Elect, Kristin Van Hook Moore, and Women’s Leadership Summit Chair Anna Kornick catch up before the first General Membership Meeting in July.


JLNO Loves: Transfers
JLNO transfers mix and mingle at Superior Seafood before the first General Membership Meeting in July. Pictured Lauren Kamp, Zane Wilson, Christine Couvillon, Lindsay Labadie, Melissa Myers and Alexis Oufnac.


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