Owner, Designer & Woodworker, Audiowood

Joel Scilley breaks the boundaries of sound and design with his creative and intricately designed wood-inspired audio equipment. Always pushing his own limits, Scilley works with unusual raw materials and difficult designs and says he’s always “flirting with disaster.” Because, “That keeps things interesting. I would be bored to tears making the same thing every day.”

Audiowood mostly makes wooden turntables and stereo gear, such as iPhone docks, and even lamps and clocks. All of Audiowood’s products are sustainably produced by hand in the United States, and have even been featured in the blockbuster film Star Trek: Into Darkness, being manhandled by none other than Captain Kirk himself.

Scilley is busy with tons of upcoming projects as well, like a Kickstarter campaign in the fall, a new retail location and new speaker and stereo amplifier designs ready to launch in the upcoming year. His designs at this year’s New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival won him “Most Unique Work” in Contemporary Crafts. He is also hoping to wrangle a few willing participants to start up a Louisiana Product/Furniture Design Club.