Journalist & Author Casey Ferrand McGee launches Curly Girl Virtual Book Tour

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – A month after the exciting release of her children’s book Curly Girl: My Curls are Mine To Love, Casey Ferrand McGee is setting out on a month-long virtual book tour featuring conversations with nine dynamic women and #CurlyGirls.

The seasoned Journalist and Author will lead a series of live conversations focused on themes from Curly Girl to shed light on relevant issues like hair discrimination in the workplace and representation in media. Her goal is to promote self-love for women and girls by helping them embrace the beauty of their natural hair textures and learn to care for it on their own.

In May, the Louisiana Senate unanimously voted to make it illegal for employers to discriminate against someone because of their hairstyle, which will serve to eliminate tactics and policies that have targeted Black people who wear their hair naturally or in styles like braids, dreadlocks or twists.

“With the passage of the CROWN Act in Louisiana, women and men have an added layer of protection and may even feel more comfortable to show up on the world and their workplace as they are and be their authentic selves,” McGee said. “Too many times Black women, and even I, have been criticized, ridiculed or judged unfairly because of hairstyles that are deemed unprofessional or unkempt. It is time for young women to see themselves represented on television and in books in the same way they see themselves in the mirror.”

Throughout the month, Casey will speak to guests like WDSU News Anchor Christina Watkins; Robin Barnes, Songbird of New Orleans; Sheba Turk, WWL TV Anchor; singer, songwriter and philanthropist, Casmé Carter; TV & Film Actress Devyn A. Tyler; 19 year old Curly Girl Illustrator Amari Booker; Scholar-activist, public speaker, and cultural consultant, Dr. Yaba Blay; CEO of Silk Me Kids, MeMe Kelly; and Founder of New Orleans Natural Hair Expo, Monique Herbert.

Casey Ferrand McGee is a New Orleans native who has a television and media career spanning more than 20 years, from her days as a child actress in New Orleans to her career as a nationally award-winning journalist.  After nearly a decade as a reporter, in 2017, Casey made the bold decision to wear her short-cropped curly hair as she reported on a story in New Orleans.

Ever since, she’s continued to wear her hair in natural styles that allow her curls to be a source of admiration and inspiration to women and young girls who have seen her on the news.

Curly Girl, published by Untapped Potential Publishing, features a charismatic lead character named Baylee who absolutely loves her big curly poofs and never once thought they looked like “crunchy popcorn balls” as her schoolmates suggested. After the first day of school, to her mother’s surprise, Baylee wanted to change her hair. That was until she saw something on television that made her love her curls like never before!

Visit, to register for the Curly Girl Virtual Book Tour and get updates about the upcoming conversations which will be streamed live video YouTube and Facebook on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week in June. Curly Girl is available for purchase now at To schedule an interview with Casey, please email To request a review copy, email




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