A little over three years ago, Melanie Warner Spencer, our fearless editor for "Let Them Eat Cake" and New Orleans Bride Magazine, approached me with her idea for a daily wedding blog. Our first official blog post went live Jan. 5, 2015. Now, many blog posts later, we are celebrating the third anniversary for our labor of love. 

The goal of LTEC is to bring need-to-know bridal information to the couples of New Orleans and beyond Monday through Friday. 

From vendor buzz and beauty tips to color schemes and real weddings, there's no bridal subject we haven't covered. 

Today, we've compiled our favorite blog posts from the past year. Read our favorites and share any of yours in the comments below. 


January – "No-Brainer Nuptials"

In January, we met the ladies of Pop of Love Nola. In "No-Brainer Nuptials" we chatted with the owners and discussed all the offerings a pop-up wedding had to offer local and destination couples. 

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Joyeux Anniversaire
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February – "Wallet-Friendly Weddings"

Earlier in the year, Wallet Hub named New Orleans as one of its "Best Places To Get Married." Out of the 150 big cities surveyed, New Orleans ranked No. 12 overall, No. 58 in overall cost, No. 27 in facilities and services and No. 10 in fun and activities (no surprise there). 

Read all the details and see the rest of the list here


March – "Noteworthy Nourishment"

Chef Evan Benson formerly of Joel Catering provided us with what he believed would be the culinary trends of 2017. (Editor’s Note: Benson has sense left the helm at Joel Catering.) In "Noteworthy Nourishment," Benson discussed the small plate trend and couples opting to serve more "snack" like food at their receptions. 

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April – "Center of Attention"

Did you know that your centerpieces could serve dual purpose at your reception? In this blog, we uncovered the trend of couples giving away their centerpieces as wedding favors. Think of incorporating potted succulents, books or even locally-sourced honey for guests to take with them at the end of the night. 

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May – "Video Phone"

Taking advantage of technology, couples are using FaceTime and Skype to help plan their weddings. Especially out of town couples, this technology-driven option allows brides and grooms from different cities or states to call in to their reception venue or bridal vendor to ensure all is going smoothly. 

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June – "Charitable Gift Giving"

Many couples like to give back during their wedding. In June, we highlighted local company Bonfolk, whose mission it was to provide as many homeless men and women they could with adequate socks. Snoballs, gators and sweet magnolia patterns make personalizing gifts with Bonfolk a breeze. 

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Joyeux Anniversaire


July – "Closings: Bustles & Bows Shutters Metairie Bridal Boutique"

LTEC likes to report on happenings with bridal and wedding vendors throughtout the city. Unfortunately, not all of those reportings can be positive. In July we published a blog about the closing of local bridal boutique Bustles & Bows. 

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August – "Make It Rain"

Many were affected by the untimely passing of pop superstar Prince – none more than our editor Melanie. In August, Pantone Institute created a purple-hue in honor of the star. 

See the color and report here


September – "Native Celebration" 

The ladies of local nail company Native Polish announced their new polish color in honor of the city's tricentennial. We interviewed the duo on the new color, and their company anniversary. 

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October – "Colorful Language"

Color research drove our favorite October blog. Picking a color scheme for your wedding can be tricky. We broke down terminology used when referring to colors and how best to pick your wedding colors. 

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November – "Grand Slam"

This month, all stars aligned in the Big Easy for the wedding of tennis star Serena Williams and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. Distressed Rentals and Emeril Lagasse were among the local entities that help create this awe-inspiring nuptial. 

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December – "Lets Get Digital, Digital"

In December we got digital. See our breakdown of the most popular wedding website outlets. We share our thoughts – the good, the bad and the ugly. 

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Joyeux Anniversaire



We thank you for sticking with us for the past three years and hope to bring you wedding joy from New Orleans and beyond for many years to come. 



Do you have a favorite blog of ours? Let us know in the comments.