How did Haase’s start? In 1921 with Boris and Della Haase; my husband Kevin is their grandson.

How do you compete against online and big-box retailers? Service. We treat every customer like family. We fit the shoe to the foot and also to the person wearing it. It is a personal service shoe store in an age of self-service.

Tell us something surprising about Haase’s. As well as children’s clothing and footwear, we offer men’s dress shoes from Johnston & Murphy and G.H. Baas & Co. We have onsite monogramming, and people come to us from all over the place – New York City, San Francisco and Boston – looking for styles they cannot find elsewhere.

What are your most popular lines? At Haase’s, it’s more about a quality product than the label, but we do sell many brands: Kepner Scott, New Balance, Salt Water Sandals, Feltman Brothers and Florence Eisman.

What are you most excited about for summer? Water shoes, sandals, backpacks, bathing suits, towels and clothes for the kids!

Is there anything else you would like to tell us? Every day someone comes into the store and tells us about getting their first pair of shoes at Haase’s. It is humbling and rewarding to know that this store means so much to generations of New Orleanians.  

What are your current favorites? Palladium flex slip-ons and our new Asics tennis shoes. 

Judy Caliva

Haase’s Shoe Store 8119 Oak St., 866-9944,