Hi Julia, Hi Poydras,

Juan’s Flying Burrito occupies the space at 5538 Magazine St., but it was home to a home-cooking restaurant in the 1970s that was frequented by business types, students and neighborhood residents. My husband, a native New Orleanian, fondly recalls the corned beef and cabbage special there. But, alas, he cannot recall the restaurant’s name. Can Poydras?  – Angela Fox (Chattanooga, TN)


Funny you should ask, Angela, Poydras likes to spend time perched at Juan’s hoping to catch one of those flying burritos. That restaurant building was once called The Friendly House.  We know it was there as early as 1948. The building has had several food-related tenants. In the Roaring 20s the restaurant there was called The Standard.  Historian John Magill, who wrote the book “The Incomparable Magazine Street” (The River Road Press, 1917) says “Friendly House, was indeed a popular neighborhood place and it was also popular with the guys who worked at the bus barn across Joseph Street.” A similar longtime restaurant contemporary with Friendly House and diagonally across Magazine at 5605 was Tranchina’s. Poydras says that he heard from reliable sources that Tranchina’s was famous for its walking enchiladas, but that has not been verified.



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In the March issue, Poydras had a tantrum and decided it was time that he got to ask a question instead of being the one who is asked. Because the topic had been fried chicken, Poydras asked who Popeye’s Fried Chicken was named after. The answer was the character detective Popeye Doyle who was played by Gene Hackman in the movie, “The French Connection.” Y’all are smart. There were many responses but the first to reply was Steve Odenheimer of Bedford, TX. Poydras, who was in charge of getting a prize, explained that instead of burdening Mr. Odenheimer with a trinket he gets the glory of forever knowing that he is the first inductee into Poydras’ Hall of Fame. Congratulations Steve.




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