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Dear Julia,


I found this photo from Mardi Gras a few years ago. This incident looks pretty horrible. Was the baby able to get away?


Caleb Johnson,

New Roads, La.



Yes, Caleb, this actually happened. The gorilla escaped from the Audubon Zoo Mardi Gras morning. He worked his way downtown and climbed to the top One Shell Square. Unfortunately, a mother and child were passing by and the primate snatched the baby and brought it with him. This might have had a terrible ending except that Poydras volunteered to fly up to the gorilla to investigate the situation. He realized that the gorilla, who did not get out very much, mistook the child for a King Cake baby. Poydras was able to negotiate switching the child for an actual King Cake. The child was reunited with his grateful mother. By the end of the day, the mother, child and gorilla had become close friends.

Another version of the story is that the three were spotted as part of the Society of St. Anne walk up Royal Street. The group has some of the finest costuming seen in all of Carnival. Unfortunately, the soiree is canceled this year because of you know what.

Choose the story you like best.

Unfortunately, Poydras not able to experience any of the King Cake. He was called away to investigate a report about an escaped unicorn.