Karrington Loren Knight

“I think it’s important to be involved in your community because service diversifies one’s perspective and broadened their understanding of the world around them,” says Karrington Loren Knight a senior at Ursuline Academy.

Knight is active both within her school and community. He most rewarding experience was traveling to Belize with Beyond Our Borders to build a home for a mother and her two daughters. She was able to live out Ursuline’s school motto, I Will Serve.

“This experience gave me the chance to learn gratitude over guilt,” says Knight. “I think it’s often believed that mission trips and doing service is a way for the first world to ease their guilt of their wealth, but this trip taught me that having more shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty; instead you should feel grateful that God blessed you with the things of your life.”

Knight also created a program with her classmates to present to the Good Sheppard School.  

“During one of our lessons, we practiced building a bookshelf by creating a smaller model out of balsa wood. Seeing the look of pride in the students’ faces let me know that all the stress and hard work I had put into the project had paid off,” says Knight.

Erin Walker, Knight’s eighth grade teacher, inspired her to become a student activist within her community. Walker has a tough-love attitude had has strong feminist beliefs which help empower Knight to become passionate with her beliefs.

“Through Walker’s small stances against sexist stereotypes and norms, I understood that even the smallest fights are important and help the cause. This taught me to never feel discouraged and disconnected with my contributions. My small deeds can be momentous for the people I’m serving,” says Knight

Knight plans to attend Stanford University and she enjoys watercolor painting, searching for new music, reading novels and poetry when she isn’t volunteering. At Ursuline she’s involved in a number of activities including but not limited to Student Council, Key Club, Diversity Club and Gold Team. She is also a part of a number of Honor Societies. Knight would like to become a family court lawyer or child psychologist once she finishes college. She hopes to do mission work and wants to live in Spain and visit Belize to work with ministries. 

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