Kathleen Gaudin started Star Glass, Inc. in her sister Charlene Michel’s living room over 30 years ago as a single mother of three and with very little capital. The company has since blossomed, providing the New Orleans area with all kinds of glasswork—custom, residential, commercial, and automotive—often taking on multi-million dollar projects and specializing in excellent customer service. Gaudin says she believes you learn more from your failures than from your successes; persistence, and a willingness to continue on despite setbacks, are key. She often tells her employees that success results from showing up on time, working until the job is done, and making sure the customer is happy at the end of the day—even if it means taking a loss. Honesty and hard work are the best policies, Gaudin reminds us, and her achievements attest to this truth.



*Clothing from Saks Fifth Avenue: Dolce & Gabbana