General Manager, Celebration Distillation Corporation

Celebrating its 20th birthday in 2015, Celebration Distillation Corporation is known as the company that makes the famed Old New Orleans Rum and Gingeroo.

Since this past May, Katie Darling is known as the woman who makes sure it gets done.

“As the general manager of a rum distillery, my first job is to walk in everyday and smell the sweet scent of Louisiana molasses,” Darling says. “My second job is to greet our Master Distiller, Bryan Carroll, with a smile and ask him how the stills are running. I oversee production, financials, marketing initiatives, sales and branding.”

After years working with boutique spirits brands and behind world-class bars, Darling says she’s enjoying this opportunity to be a part of a creation from start to finish.

It doesn’t hurt that the company culture also happens to rock.

“Last week we closed our distillery so our entire team could volunteer at a local charter school,” says Darling. “That’s a small example of how we are taking steps toward a much bigger vision. It’s not just about rum; it’s about New Orleans.”