Katie Koch sources products from places all over the globe, including Amsterdam and Paris, and prides herself on her ability to custom-design interiors based on clients’ individual wants and needs. For 16 years, the New Orleans native has been designing and engineering hand-sewn window treatments; however, over the past five years, she’s expanded her business to include a design showroom with an extensive fabric library and a curated inventory of vintage furniture with an emphasis on Mid-Century modern pieces.

“I get my inspiration from a desire to cultivate products that evoke a sense of awkwardness,” she says. “That may sound a tad silly, but I love to find the oddball piece in the room – the gawky and the awkward. These pieces continually make your question your thinking and ensure you never tire of them!”
In her showroom, Koch has created a space for clients to connect with new, emerging designers from around the world. “I believe that today, more so than ever, people are searching for unique products that tell a story, not just about the artist behind them, but also the culture and history that influenced its design.”

Offering fabrication is important, she says, “because it allows me to design and create products from start to finish that I love. I also can safeguard the process and ensure the production is in line with my own values by working with a team of local seamstresses who are paid fair wages and enjoy what they do. We are like a family … On top of that, it allows me to take creative risks and ensure that the final result maintains the same quality as the fabrics I began with.”

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