Katie Peralta



Katie Peralta
Co-Owner, Triton Stone

Education: Archbishop Chapelle High School; Bachelor’s in Business from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.
Family: Husband, Emilio; daughter Teresa, 18 months.
Mentors: My father, Jack Jensen, and my brother, Christian Jensen.


Katie Peralta’s success in the stone business comes from hard work and applied business savviness.  It all started when her father, who owns a trucking company, saw a stone yard for sale after Hurricane Katrina. Peralta, who was working in New Jersey at the time, knew people were rebuilding their homes after the storm, and she saw a market. She moved back home and bought the company with several family members in August 2006.
Five years later, the company has expanded to four locations (New Orleans; Mobile, Ala.; San Antonio, Texas and Baton Rouge) and employs 65 people. Triton is continually expanding, offering kitchen and bathroom fixtures that complement the tile and stone the company sells. Peralta credits her success to three major factors: quality materials, unparalleled customer service and keeping her employees happy.

What did you know about the stone business when you started? We began with four people who had a commitment to customer service. We concentrated on high-quality materials and were able to carve a niche.


What’s your favorite kind of stone? We get fabulous new colors in every week and it’s so hard to decide which are my favorite. I may never redo my kitchen.


What’s your favorite room in the home to install tile? The most popular is the kitchen, but I like to see people incorporate tile in a dining room table, in fireplaces and outdoor kitchens.


What are some new trends with tile? We currently carry a lot of lines with backsplash. That’s become a trend lately.


Did you think the business would expand so quickly? I always say it’s about people, and we have a really great team. I go to work everyday for my employees. I’m providing for them and their families and that’s what makes me wake up in the morning.


Why New Orleans? I always knew I was going to be back. I feel like we are part of the rebuilding of New Orleans.


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Katie Peralta


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