Katie Pfohl

People to Watch Class of 2015
Photographed by Jeffery Johnston

Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art, New Orleans Museum of Art

When Katie Pfohl was growing up, she could never quite decide what kind of an artist she wanted to be.

With a range of creative opportunities before her, she ended up becoming a curator after landing a fellowship at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York after college.

“I realized that being a curator would allow me to be creative in all kinds of different ways,” she says. “As a curator, I get the opportunity to work with artists who create visual art using all different kinds of materials and methods, from painting and sculpture to video and performance.”

With so many artistic stimuli surrounding her working day, Pfohl still finds a way to focus on the human engines driving all the creativity.

“What I love most about being a curator is working with artists to help tell an amazing story about their lives and art,” she says. “There is nothing like stepping into an exhibition you’ve helped put together and having art you respect and admire surround you from all sides.”

This November, a show called “Visions of US: American Art at NOMA” will debut. The show will feature everything from 18th century portraits to modern and contemporary art drawn from NOMA’s collection of American Art.

“It’s a show about shifting ideas of American identity that explores how we imagine and represent the United States – something I’ve been giving a lot of thought since moving to the South!” Pfohl says.