The French Library is unique. Tell us more about it? Children need a place to revel in the process of learning; a place where they can clap their hands with delight upon hearing something enchanting. Whether snuggling up with a book on our couch-swing or enjoying a yoga lesson in French, I hope that a child will sense the magic at The French Library.

Where did the idea come from? As a child I basked in the pleasure of books and dreamt of becoming a librarian. Two years ago I was torn between obtaining a degree in library science and opening a bookstore. The issue was settled once I realized the vast number of children here who attend French immersion schools.

You don’t just sell books, you host events. Tell us about them? In a few short months, our space has become a hub of “Frenchness.” Many organizations, such as the French Consulate, host events with us. Celebrations include tea parties, art classes in French and French story time.

Tell us about your background and how you came to do this? Growing up in Canada, I was exposed to French through the words of my father. My family ties to the culture and the language always intrigued me. I speak French at an intermediate level, and have been involved with the French community within New Orleans since my arrival.

What do you have going on during December? Anyone peering through our holiday windows will be swept away to the enchantment of France. On the calendar there’s a sapin (tree) decorating event and an evening of French caroling and letters to Père Noël in French.

Is there anything exciting coming up that you would like to tell us about? Philanthropy is important to me, I aim to “sell a book, give a book.” We are building connections in French-speaking countries where we hope to assist individuals and the local economies.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? When New Orleans’ children grow up and reflect on their childhoods I hope they’ll say, “I grew up at The French Library!”

The French Library

3811 Magazine St.