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Keith Frischhertz

Monarch Technology

4240 Toulouse Street, New Orleans

Gone are the days of relying on pencils and paper, filing cabinets, cash registers, and mail for conducting business— technology is ubiquitous, touching every aspect of our lives. Keith Frischhertz, Co-founder & President of Monarch Technology, created a company with many goals in mind, chief among them making a company’s experience with tech more personal.

“I love helping people realize and understand how they can leverage their tech to work for them so it’s no longer a burden or even a liability; it becomes the incredible asset and security net it should be,” says Keith.

As a leader in IT solutions, Monarch Technology does the expected—solving computer and network problems, designing and installing computer and network systems. But what distinguishes the company is its ability to go beyond consumer expectations. Monarch takes its IT services to a personal level, treating customers like family.

“We make it a point to truly understand them, being up-front and offering honest assessments of their technology,” says Keith. “We do what is best from both a financial and operational standpoint,” he says.

Fixing a problem and moving on to another customer isn’t Monarch’s standard for operating. Rather, the team wants to understand the behavior, intent, and mission of the customer and find the best, most cost-effective way to help actualize their goals.

“It’s what we do for family, so it’s what we do for them,” says Keith. Family is paramount for Keith, whose parents, Janet and Jimmy Frischhertz, have long inspired him to help others. In addition to helping customers with IT needs, Keith, and his partner Wil Velez, also support a variety of community organizations such as the Leukemia Society, Smile Train, Audubon Institute, and particularly, the New Orleans Museum of Art.

When asked about current trends in IT solutions, Keith notes a shift in businesses moving from the cloud back to in-house systems. Relying on a company that operates with its “head in the cloud” isn’t as reassuring as having the core technology—servers and data—onsite. While web-based systems can be phenomenal for sharing and collaborating, many companies don’t want their data floating in the cloud anymore.

“In addition to improving speed and security, we find that customers want tech support to be local, real, approachable people, not a 1-800 call-queue,” says Keith, and providing that personal touch is Monarch’s expertise.