Kendall Carriere

How did you get involved in barre3?
I had injuries from running and overdoing it, so I started practicing barre3 and I saw my body change. I got stronger, leaner and felt more alive.

What’s unique about the workout?
Barre3 combines holds with small movements and big, functional cardio movement. You work hard, deep in the muscles, without stressing your joints.

Who does it appeal to?
It appeals to literally everyone: young, old, men and women; from people just starting to get fit and new moms getting back in shape, to competitive athletes. You customize barre3 and make it your own, so everyone can get great results.

What results do you typically see?
People get stronger, leaner and even taller. Literally measuring taller. Clients also tell me that they have more energy, are sleeping better, are happier and are more confident.

You have three locations?
Yes, we have studios in Uptown, downtown in the CBD and we’re opening a new one in Old Metairie this summer.

What has you excited?
The new studio on Metairie Road! It has lots of light and easy parking as well as childcare, like our Uptown location.

Does working with barre3 end at the end of class?
We care about our clients' wellbeing 24 hours a day, not just the one hour you’re with us. With barre3 you can get fit without torturing yourself. You can find the joy in movement and the abs you’ve always wanted. 


has two locations, Uptown and CBD, with a third on Metairie Road opening soon:




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