The rhyme “rain, rain go away, come again some other day,” took on a significant meaning for the wedding of Katherine (Katie) Folwell Baldwin and Brandon Scott Key. A heavy rain fell the evening of their Dec. 30 wedding—and in fact delayed the ceremony when the wedding coordinator, Claudia Kelleher, wouldn’t allow Katie to get out of the limousine and go into the church until the rain subsided. The ceremony was held at St. Louis Cathedral—Katie’s sister Lessley Adams was married there too—where the bride wore a candlelight silk taffeta Vera Wang dress from Mimi’s. Yvonne Counce made her double-layer tulle veil. The “borrowed” and “blue” was courtesy of sister Lessley—a sapphire and diamond ring (which used to belong to their mother)—while her “something old” was a diamond necklace that used to belong to her maternal grandmother. The bouquet was a simple and classic mix of pale pink roses that paired well with the wedding dress and the champagne Bill Levkoff bridesmaids’ dresses from Pearl’s Place. Meade Wenzel arranged the flowers for the wedding and the reception.

    The Baldwin home was where family and friends converged for the reception. Margo Bouanchaud did the catering, and her company produced a sophisticated menu that included wild mushroom risotto, lobster bisque and blue cheese-marinated grilled beef tenderloin bites, among other dishes. A Baldwin family tradition is to have brandy milk punch on Christmas Eve, and since it was still the holiday season, it was served, courtesy of Brennan’s restaurant. The drink was a nice accompaniment to the wedding cakes, which were both made by Short & Sweet in Lafayette. The four-tier wedding cake had roses between each tier, while the triple fudge groom’s cake was shaped into a ski mountain with snow-covered pine trees and skiers. The Tip Tops helped partygoers shimmy off the one or two slices from each cake that they no doubt sampled.

    After a honeymoon in St. Barth’s, the couple now lives in New Orleans, where Katie is getting her master’s degree in speech-pathology at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, and Brandon works for his family’s business, Kencoil, as an engineering manager and VP of Operations.

Key - Baldwin WeddingKatie and Brandon

Key - Baldwin WeddingShelby Key, John Key, Brandon and Katie, Alice Key and Scott Key

Key - Baldwin WeddingGinger Baldwin, Brandon and Katie, and Fred Baldwin

Key - Baldwin WeddingKatie and flower girl Emily Adams

Key - Baldwin WeddingMeredith Hopkins, Lessley Adams, Collen Key, Bridget Tyrrell, Merritt McMullen, Whitney Key, Brandon, Katie, Scott Key, Kevin Graff, Pierre Adams, Stirling Morrison, Neal Ryan, Richard Weber, Justin York, Bennett Biever. Back row: Elizabeth Kite,
Kat Beahm, Brette Campos, Emily Biever, Harley McKinley, Alberto Struck, Fernando Campos, Jeff Scofield, Mark Landry, George Fowler, Craig Tyrrell and Matt McMullen. Brenchley Baldwin, not pictured.