Why did you set up Wink?
We were working at an insurance company when our boss asked for help planning his wedding. We fell in love with event planning, but really loved the design aspect. We then started doing small parties for friends and family, and then decided to do it full time. Our client base grew significantly and we expanded our business to accommodate all types of events all over the country.

What makes Wink different?
Hien: We design our events for experience, not solely based on aesthetics. We know how to transform a room and add beautiful elements, but what’s most important is creating an environment to give the guests lasting memories beyond what they can photograph.

What kind of events do you do?
We are best known for weddings, but we have planned and designed everything from corporate events and galas to birthday and anniversary celebrations.

What are trends in event management that you see?
Event trends change by the season, very similar to fashion. Currently we’re seeing more creativity and larger entertainment budgets. Weddings are incorporating more “party-style” elements to create an unforgettable experience. Our corporate events go beyond logo branding; we’re using themed talent and other elements to produce a consistent brand theme throughout the event.

Do you have a favorite event type?
Some of our favorites are the community outreach events we host. 

Wink Design and Events

1519 Tchoupitoulas St.