Kimberly Boudreaux

Kimberly Boudreaux
Executive Director, Lafayette Catholic Service Centers

Education: Attended University of Louisiana – Lafayette with a focus in Land Development and Resource Management.

Family: Husband, Matt; daughters Elizabeth,1, and Claire, 4

Mentors: Bill Charbonnet, Board Member of Catholic Service Centers

When she was 22, Kimberly Boudreaux got an unexpected call to serve. She was hesitant at first, but said she kept getting signs that God had a purpose for her other than a traditional job and home life. After months of prayer, she left her job in Lafayette, sold all of her possessions, and joined a mission group in Abbeville. Over the next three years, she traveled to Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand and Calcutta doing foreign mission work, including work at an orphanage founded by Mother Theresa. She returned to the United States after “9/11” and began a life helping the needy in her hometown. Now Executive Director of Lafayette Catholic Service Centers, she provides hope, opportunity and support in the community.

How difficult was it to dedicate your life to the community? It was not something I immediately responded to. I liked my comfortable life and the things I had. But after months of prayer, I had a feeling of restlessness, a feeling that God was pushing me to this calling.

What accomplishments are you most proud of? I am most proud of our organization's ability to create and sustain new programs over the past several years, including a shelter for homeless male and female veterans, our new St. Joseph Diner and the expansion of shelter for women and children at the New Life Center.

What was your family reaction? It was scary for them. I was so young and the idea of leaving the country and living in poor circumstances was scary.

What’s your motivation? I recognize Christ in the poorest of the poor.

What do you do in your free time? Spend time with my children – they’re so entertaining and so joyful. We like to eat out in downtown Lafayette.
Who is your favorite Saint? St. Vincent de Paul and Mother Teresa, when she becomes a saint. Her work and philosophy really came to life and stayed with me over the years.

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Kimberly Boudreaux

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