Anne Kock first met George Montgomery at her fifth birthday party though they actually had their first date when they were 16. They dated lots of other people before they dated seriously. He attended Country Day in New Orleans; Anne went to boarding school Rosemary Hall in Greenwich, Conn. George went on to Princeton and Anne went to Newcomb and then on to Barnard/Columbia in New York for college, all the while dating each other and other people. Anne made her debut and was hailed as Queen of Comus in 1947.

George graduated from Princeton and was on his way to a six-week trip to Europe before business school, but not before asking Anne to marry him. She replied, “I’ll let you know!” George must have known that eventually she would say “yes” because he bought a marriage glass in Paris as well as yards of blue peau-de-soie fabric with which to make a dress. Anne Cameron Kock decided she would meet George at the plane with her “yes.” They announced their engagement at her family’s annual Christmas party and the wedding planning was in full swing!

The reception was held “at home” on St. Charles Avenue – the same home where all of the Kings of Rex stop to toast on Mardi Gras Day. Her wedding dress was created at Town and Country by Miss Lillian (who also made her Comus dress); her bridesmaid’s dresses were designed and constructed there as well. Anne’s veil of illusion was accented by an antique lace panel that has been in her family since the mid 1800s. Flowers were created by Miss Elise of Metairie Ridge Flowers. Anne’s bouquet was of white Phalaenopsis orchids and lilies of the valley, and Miss Lillian had violets flown in from Holland for the bridesmaids’ bouquets. There were huge displays of Easter lilies all over the house and garden.

Anne and George walked down the aisle at St. Alphonsus Church with Father Carol presiding on April 15, 1950.

After leaving the church at noon, guests went home to the reception. The cake, created by The French Bakery, was a hit and they couple toasted each other with the marriage glass George had bought in Paris.